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Your Packing List for Bremen

I started packing for Bremen and college about a week before I left for Germany. I do not advise this method. You will panic. You will stress. And you will forget things.

I remember that week vividly – procrastination had gotten me far, and here were the facts:

  1. it was ten days before my flight was scheduled to departure from Taipei Taoyuan Airport for Frankfurt, Germany
  2. I was moving out of my house in Taiwan to live in a different country in a different continent for an entire year
  3. I had two suitcases in my room (occupied by sleeping cats, but otherwise – empty)
  4. I had not done anything even remotely productive in terms of getting ready to go to university

So today, I will be writing a list of things that I think you should bring with you to Jacobs, and I sincerely hope you all take this post to heart and begin packing earlier.

Important Documents

  • Bank information
  • Emergency information
  • Insurance information
  • Passport(s)
  • Passport photos (can also be taken near campus, but it will save you time and money to bring them with you)
  • Any other identification of any sort
  • Transcripts, certificates
  • Medical documents

Bring-With-You Items

  • Sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, boots, scarves, hats; basically things that will keep you warm and toasty
  • Some formal outfit of some kind (Blazers, formal dresses, tux) (Personal note: for some reason, I did not consider that studying a business major would require anything formal to wear, and packing in the week before you leave often results in stupidity and forgetfulness. My mom had to ship blazers to me later on in the year)
  • Socks and underwear (socks are important)
  • Workout clothing
  • ‘Going-Out’ clothing (party clothing, heels, onesies, whatever you fancy)
  • Laptop (do not forget your laptop charger)
  • Cell phone (also, do not forget your cell phone charger/headphones)
  • Books, DVDs, other methods of entertainment
  • Sentimental items (ie. photos of your cats, packet of 3D cat playing cards or rubik’s cubes)

Purchasable (aka. Things that can be bought in Germany, but you can choose to bring with you)

  • Bedding (200 x 90 cm)
  • Blanket/Pillow Covers (140 x 200 cm) (80 x 80 cm – yes it is a square pillow.)
  • Additional pillows/blankets
  • Alarm Clock
  • Stationery (binders, pens, paper, tape)
  • Silverware (cups, knives, sporks, chop-sticks)
  • Towels (for some reason, you need a really big one if you want to go to the gym)
  • Washcloth, cleaning supplies
  • Bathroom mats
  • Laundry basket (unless you’re assigned to Mercator)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, face wash, toothpaste, hairbrush, other toiletries, etc..
  • Laundry detergent, and the liquid stuff that makes your clothes smell nice
  • USB, hard disks
  • Internet Cable (LAN cable) and extension cables
  • Bag of some kind to carry things
  • Adapters (***)
  • Hair Dryer
  • Rain boots
  • Hangers
  • Batteries
  • Nail clippers (I forgot mine and was too cheap to buy one for about three months)

Optional (Depending on your degree of paranoia)

  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Bandaids (esp. if you end up with a clumsy roommate)
  • Medication, vitamins
  • Sewing kit

Also, just additionally: items you can purchase on campus from other students

  • Couches
  • Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Office chairs (nice ones that roll and spin)
  • Rugs/Carpets
  • Textbooks, readers
  • Tables
  • Printers
  • Bikes
  • Ironing supplies (if you’re fancy)

And that’s basically everything. On behalf of the Admissions Team, we all look forward to meeting you wonderful – and hopefully well-packed – freshies in August!

*Update 2017* 

For your convenience, we prepared a little downloadable packing list


4 comments on “Your Packing List for Bremen

  1. Another Alum shares Insurance Advice–>
    Abby:” I have something to add but it’s not related to a packing list, and that is to advise the freshies to sign up with TK and not AOK when it comes to health insurance. AOK is absolutely awful, myself and quite a few other recently graduated students have really been struggling with them and they are just huge jerks.
    Everyone I’ve talked to says TK is great though.”

    Megan would like to add:
    “Also, I’d similarly like to advise freshies that there are super cheap mobile phone providers (Lyca Mobile, Aldi, Lidl, etc.) off campus, and that they really shouldn’t just sign up for whatever O2 contract is offered on the same day as the health insurance/bank people come to Jacobs.”

    Hope this helps!

  2. Great! Thanks.. On the adapter, which types?

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