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Women’s International Leadership Conference

Next weekend, the 16th and 17th of April, Jacobs University will be hosting the second annual Women’s International Leadership (WIL) Conference, which aims at raising awareness about the misrepresentation of ​women in leadership positions, unleashing the potential of its participants by identifying obstacles and teaching concrete skills, herewith contributing to a more equal and better world for all genders.


Many events on campus such as JacobsHack, Jacobs Startup Competition, Piano to Forte and Spotlight are all student-led initiatives, meaning that students have the ability to learn leadership and project management. I am one of the main organizers for the Logistics Committee for WIL, and I want to give you an idea of the time and effort that goes into planning a campus event and the rewarding experience of challenging yourself and augmenting an knowledgable and supportive community.

Planning for this weekend long conference has taken approximately 10 months to organize, and something even this does not feel like enough time. From finding sponsors to contacting speakers the process has been long but well worth it. Our organizing team consists of around 30 organizers who meet once a week in our general meetings and are divided into specific committees with different purposes: Finance Committee, Speakers Committee, Logistics Committee, Public Relations Committee. The separate committees also have weekly meetings to distribute tasks.

Communication is really key to organizing a successful event and sometimes this can be very difficult and tasks can get lost in the mix. Our main form of communication is either in person at our weekly meetings or through our Facebook group. We also work off of an online task delegation site called Asana, which helps us all stay on task and make sure our organizers are held accountable for their work.

As you can see in our schedule (check out our website below!) we have a variety of speeches and workshops that are being offered. Some of the speakers/workshop organizers that will be joining us include Siana Bangura (No Fly on the WALL), Laura Hemmati (Leadarise), Ruby Corado (Casa Ruby), and Maxie Matthiessen (Ruby Cup). We even have a martial arts instructor, Rodney Unruh, giving a workshop on self-defense!

Even though planning a conference like this takes patience and a lot of work, it is always worth it in the end. We still have spots open and you still have time to register! You can find the website and Facebook page below!





Here you can find our Website:

And our Facebook Page:

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