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Watching a game between Werder Bremen and Bayern München

Studying at Jacobs gives you great opportunities to experience the German football spirit. You can easily go to a Werder Bremen game on weekends at the Weser Stadium.

Before I came to Jacobs, I was a big fan of Germany national football team. I always wanted to go to Germany and at least watch a game of my favourite football players. One of my high school friends from Germany knew about this and gave me a Werder Bremen fan shirt signed by Miroslav Klose as a present. I originally only knew Klose and didn’t know about Werder Bremen. After two years, I am now in Bremen, where Werder Bremen is located.

Werder Bremen is a German sports club located in Bremen, Germany. It has won the Bundesliga Championship four times and the latest one was in 2004.

Today, I went to my first football game of Werder Bremen and Bayern München. It is convenient and free to get to the Weser Stadium by train, tram or bus with the ticket. Along my way to the stadium, football fans of both teams who came from everywhere were chatting and cheering.

Outside the stadium, there were people selling food, drinks and souvenirs. I bought a scarf to cheer for my home team.

IMG_9994(Bayern München fans were shopping.)

The stadium was almost full. I noticed that disabled people were sitting in the first row on every platform. I was again amazed by how much Germany cares about people with disabilities. Sitting in the Werder Bremen fan area, I talked to some German students and learnt to sing along and cheer in German. Everyone was so enthusiastic that it was impossible to just stand there instead of joining in on the shouting and clapping.

The final score was 1:0. Thomas Müller scored his ninth league goal of the season after controlling Thiago Alcântara’s pass.

IMG_0021(Inside look of the Weser Stadium)

It was an awesome experience seeing my favourite german players so closely and watching a Bundesliga game live. Again, I enjoyed another advantage studying at Jacobs!


Teaching assistant at Jacobs University Bremen. Love travelling.

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