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Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose Jacobs

11173606_10206515522345404_2053062084_nChoosing a university can be quite a challenge considering the plethora of options you have available. I often get asked what my reasons for coming to Jacobs were and my often change because I would give a reason or two, depending on who has asked, out of the many reasons that I would could consider to have influenced my decision to come to Jacobs. A bit of a background about myself; I am Zambian. I have lived in Botswana, Zambia and the UK, prior to coming to Jacobs. I did the International Baccalaureate Diploma. My reasons for study at Jacobs may differ from other Jacobs students and are strictly my own personal reasons so I hope you enjoy reading them.

  1. Ease of travel within the EU

Being located in Germany has its many advantages most especially for Jacobs students coming from outside the EU. Travelling to cities such Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona and Rome can be done with less than 5 hours travel and for fewer than 40 euros which is super convenient for those wishing to explore Europe.

  1. The beautiful campus

Living on campus at Jacobs is simply amazing. As you come in in the fall semester, summer is just ending, the weather is warm and sunny and it just puts you in a mood of having fun. With each new season, the campus adapts and the sights are just breath-taking. The proximity of the buildings puts everything within a stone’s throw reach. Walking to lectures from your bedroom takes an average of 5 minutes, and because all your Jacobs friends are on campus, it makes it so much easier to organise meetings, events etc.

  1. Learning German in a country where it is spoken

I have always been interested in learning new languages but I have never really had the opportunity to use them in a country where they are spoken. One of my incentives for coming to Jacobs was that I would have the opportunity to learn and use German. Though my German is still not perfect, I really enjoy taking every opportunity to practice it with my host family or when I go out shopping.

  1. The study programs

The study programs at Jacobs each have their unique attractive aspects which, to some extent, make it quite difficult to choose a major. One thing I appreciate the most about all the majors is the practical experience you gain, be it through an internship, research work with the graduate students or through the lab courses, each one of these put you in a good position for grad school or the job market. The small class sizes are quite advantageous as well. They make it easy for the professors to know and write decent recommendations for students.

  1. Diversity on campus

Having students from over 100 different and only around 30 % being from the host country makes the student body at Jacobs truly international. You can hear over 10 different languages just on your walk from your room to class. You learn so much about different cultures every day and celebrating them is even more fun than just knowing about them.

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