The one and only… COFFEE BAR!

I will probably not be challenged when I say that the Coffee Bar on campus is the heart and soul of Jacobs University campus. It is a Café run by the Apetito staff and conveniently located in the building of the Information Resource Center (IRC). Students come here every day to grab a quick snack and drinks between lectures, to get a coffee for a long study session in the library or just to meet with friends and chat with the lovely Coffee Bar ladies!

I went to the Coffee Bar to interview the “Coffee Bar Ladies”, who are not only the most popular people on campus but also the proud recipients of the Jacobs University staff member of the year award! They won this award for “their contribution to the wider Jacobs community – everyone is happy to come to the Coffee Bar and enjoy the lively and welcoming atmosphere created by these two outstanding members of our university.” Here is what they have to say:

What is your name and where are you from?

Timea: My name is Timea Nagyne and I am from Hungary.

Joana: I am Joana Ferreira Vieira and I am from Porto, Portugal.

IMAG1275Timea (right) and Joana (left)

Since when have you been working at the coffee bar?

T: I’ve been working here since September 2014.

J: I have been working here for a little over a year now.


When do you start work in the morning and what goes into preparing the coffee bar for a day full of hungry and thirsty students?

J: I start work at 8:30 in the morning usually. I come and turn on all of the machines and prepare everything behind the counter, for example I put the bread rolls out and cut the cake, prepare the smoothies and decorate. Then I wait for the hungry students to come.

T: I only start at 11:30, I have the late shift until 19:00. But in terms of preparation we look up recipes, think of new smoothies we want to make and sometimes I try them out at home first to see whether they taste good. Then we write a purchase list with all of the ingredients we need and then Apetito delivers them as well as the bread rolls which we get from the local bakery, Hellweg. Then we prepare everything and make it look pretty!

You cannot miss going to the Coffee Bar on special occasions such as holidays! What goes into planning such a day?

T: We have had special days on Halloween, in the Christmas and Easter time, Valentine’s day and also during “Fasching” (Carnival).

J: We sit together before and think of some cool decoration and of course the costumes!!


12115686_1056180834413350_4676174489683102883_n 12096198_1056180827746684_4530806472351588675_n

The Coffee Bar Halloween Special Fall 2015

What do you like most about working in the coffee bar?

T: It’s lots of fun working here every day. You really stay young by joking around with the students. We also want to loosen up the exhausting student life a bit and make it more fun! We even won a prize, did you know that?

J: Yes, there is always a good atmosphere here and it’s not like we just go “Hello, what do you want? Ok, here you go. Bye!”. We talk to the students! I don’t know all of their names but I always know what they want to order!

T: I also think it’s fascinating to meet so many people from different countries. They must be a bit scared to be coming to a country so far away from their home. That’s why we want to be like a substitute family for them!  (She says while preparing a special drink for a student that came in with a sore throat and a cold.)

J: Yes, exactly! The Coffee Bar with Timea and Joana and the students – we’re like a big family!


Is there a funny story you’d like to tell?

T: Working here is always funny, Joana and I fight over who makes the prettiest Latte Macchiato.

J: It’s me!

Is there anything you’d like to say to the students?

J: Obrigada!

T: Thank you so much for your trust in us. We’re also not done with our creativity! We’ve got many more fun ideas, so just you wait!

Thank you so much for talking to me today! 



Make sure to stop by the Coffee Bar and show our lovely friends Timea and Joana some love. They work hard every single day and bring a smile to our faces! 🙂

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