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The Lakehouse Vacation

All you need is love
All you need is love
Love is all you need

-The Beatles

Often times, summer vacations stretch in long slow undulations of excitement and boredom; while any decent college semester will seem like a roller-coaster ride. Perhaps the two aren’t opposites, perhaps they can both be done right.

Stomach’s full, I said no to sugary sweets because I’m back to being healthier- my stomach is back to smooth flat from the grubby roll of semester stress fat. The bulge is a happy food baby.  The vacations have set in.

And all is in hand and out of hand.  Somehow I got a crick in the neck after healing from an ear infection and upset stomach, while blisters gather on my feet from new rubber flip-flops.  Random aches and pains and a thousand mosquitos.

Either I’ve collapsed from post-semester relief- or am simply heedless to the numerous hazards of life on Earth-to which I have now succumbed.  Great.

So I’ve been resting. Yes a day where we did nothing but go out for tea.  Yesterday we went for an evening walk up and down the hillside in search of birds and bugs and found a muntjac, a small deer.

I slept I until 14:00 today. We buy snacks and watch tv.  Chips and ads and hotel room.  Even we begin to grow restless and exhausted at the same time.  This is tiresome.

In semester, while there are loads of other things to be doing; then too it is tiresome.  Busy or not, excessive relaxation is caustic.

The lake is green.  The lake is home to vicious large animals. The lake houses great wildlife. We can’t make up our minds.
And the rises and goes, the fiddles and sets.  Now we are resting content and careful again not to hurt ourselves further. I have faltered on duty.  I need to pull together and be a bit more responsible.  The laundry. The plan.

This again is the same as the semester- we seek to succeed, accomplish our greatest dreams, professional applications, gravest homework assignments and club agendas.

Intentional living.  Just as life occasionally forces me into rest by disease and accident, I must find my way back to action and growth as I choose how to recharge my footsteps.

Whether at college or at home: it is me who chooses how to live, how busy to be, and how driven.

As stressful as the college semester may seem, it is only filled with the same old troubles and surprises as everyday life-
in direct combat with the mountain of our aims, and desires.

Don’t make these goals too big.  Don’t let these goals cloud the horizon of life at hand; dont miss the sunrise of opportunities awaiting any dreamer who makes their way to Jacobs University.

Build your goals to complement your lifestyle, soak in the surrounding opportunities, and always leave time for a few random surprises.

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