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The Jacobs Intercontinental Football Tournament

By Johanna Schaefer-Kehnert (Germany); Class of 2015 – International Politics and History (IPH)

Pieter Vellema of Europe Yellow tussling for the ball with Jonathan Bechtold of Africa

Loud music, students sitting and standing around the sports field: commenting on what is happening here and there. Two cameras recording everything and two teams are fighting for the win. The game is on! The ICFT – Intercontinental Football Tournament is happening at Jacobs. It is the second largest sports event on campus that  organized by students. It’s not only the football players that are excited about it. Tons of Jacobs students come to the sports field to support the teams each game. Teams are formed according to the number of students representing each continent on campus.

Amer Bralic (Europe Yellow) escaping the attention of Tobi Oni (Africa)

This year there are six teams: Team Africa, the Americas, Europe Yellow, Europe Orange, Europe Pink and Team Asia. Everyone who loves to play football can participate; boys represent their continents and the girls are free to choose. Rivalry between the teams can develop before each game. The tournament began in early May, since then students have seen some intense but mostly fair games. The match between the last year’s finalists Europe yellow and Team Africa has been the most thrilling so far. The match was decided by a penalty shoot-out, which Team Africa eventually won. Next week Team Africa faces Europe pink for the final, followed by a big barbecue and a party outside.

The ICFT greatly contributes to the fun atmosphere on campus during the spring semester. We are all looking forward to the final game next weekend!

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