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The Admissions Team

I’ve been working for the Admissions department for roughly 9 months now, and it’s been an extremely rewarding process for me in many ways. I’ve gotten to meet many prospective students, gotten a lot of exercise through the numerous campus tours I’ve given and gotten to visit varying locations to talk to schools or fairs. All in all, the top two highlights of working at Admissions would have to be:

  1. Being able to travel to London to attend the Student World Fairs in Leeds and London. It was hectic but it was so distinct to share my experiences at Jacobs with other students who were uncertain about their university choices and future paths. Plus, I got to travel with a great companion who also works in the Admissions Office.
  2. During a yielding call earlier this year to admitted students, a student wrote me a message saying that my call had made his day – now he studies at Jacobs, lives in my college and I see him running around doing impressive and strange stuff every week.

Along with the interesting stuff we get to do, the Admissions team itself is also a really fascinating group of people from all over the world.


Above you can see Joseph from Zambia, Lara from Germany/Palestine, Priyanka from India/USA, Celine from Norway, Yulia from Russia and Owen from China. Not pictured is also Matilda (who took this lovely photo) from the UK and Paula from Germany. And I’m in the center doing something strange with my face but I’m from Taiwan/Germany/Spain.

I decided to ask my fellow colleagues the about their favorite experiences and here were their responses.

“My best experience was receiving a postcard from someone after we sent ours out to all the incoming students – it was such a nice surprise!” – Matilda, United Kingdom, IES ’15

“I think I am very lucky – I get to introduce our campus to very interesting people during the campus tours. I often can relate to their situation, understand their concerns and worries, and I am very happy that I have a chance to show them what Jacobs has to offer.” – Yulia, Russia, Physics M’15

“[The best experience was] honestly, driving all the way to Berlin with Heiko or Marta, people who have seen the world and all the kinds of people who would apply or not apply to Jacobs, and meeting alumni in Berlin and seeing their lives and jobs and really getting to see Jacobs from an outside perspective in terms of Germany, Europe and the exciting new job market awaiting us after Jacobs graduation.” – Priyanka, USA/India, IRB ’15

“The most interesting experience I had working in Admissions is traveling throughout Germany at different fairs and dealing with prospective students.” – Lara, Germany/Palestine, ISS ’16

And some of us decided to opt for a more humorous approach to their response:

“Packing boxes has always been my dream since childhood, but I’ve never had the chance until I started my work for Admissions. When I pack a box, I can just sit there and focus on the packing process and think of nothing else, a mode of consciousness and mindfulness is induced. This effect can be even better when some light music is played while packing. Moreover, if there happens to be a deficiency of packing materials, I can have the honor of traveling to the basement of Reimer Lust Hall, which makes me feel like a little Harry Potter in the chamber of secrets.” – Owen, China, Computer Science ’15

Or Joseph, Zambia, Biotechnology ’15, who was eager to respond: “I don’t have something creative to say but if you desperately need something from me then I would say, giving campus tours to prospective students and telling them about what their student life would be if they decided to attend Jacobs University is pretty cool.”

All in all, I can only say that working for the Admissions Department for Jacobs University Bremen has been excellent and worthwhile.

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