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Swimming – A way of life

“On your marks, Get set, Go!” and you take the dive. You dive into the water, piercing it like a furious bird humming for victory, unwinding all that stress from the academics of the day.Among the many sports clubs at Jacobs, there’s a well established swimming club, known as the Jacobs University Swimming Club (JUSC). No matter if you’re a competitive swimming athlete, or just another ‘jacobian’ suffering from the academic stress, JUSC is the place for you.

The calm before the storm

Thrice a week we have our swimming practices at the Sportbad Bremen-Nord e.V., located right next to Jacobs’ Tanustrasse gate ( Friedrich-Humbert-Straße 20). Usually these practices last for an hour and are a great way to ease your body, mind, and soul.

No matter if it’s the intense rain outside or the usual January snow, we still manage to show-up three times every week, even on Fridays. That’s our motivation and commitment for the sport and the heated all-weather pool supports us in that.  While swimming is just a normal cardiovascular exercise for most, for some (including us) it’s a way of life.

“They say a man can go without water for up to three days, clearly they haven’t met a swimmer.”

This summarizes the intensity of this sport.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, that’s when our practices happen. On each of these days, I’m restless as soon as the day begins. I desperately wait for my classes to finish, so that I can have that one hour of gruesome training that keeps my soul alive. I usually try to schedule my swimming sessions right after my gym sessions as that provides the perfect relaxation for my body muscles. In fact, that’s what most swimmers do here on campus. The pool offers discounted rates for Jacobs University students, and costs only 25 Euros for the whole semester. The pool is a full 25-metres competitive-styled swimming pool with proper diving boards. It offers proper safety and lifeguard facilities and that’s also where Bremen Nord’s Regional Swimming Team trains. So for 25 Euros it’s a rather great deal for your body!

In fact, if you’re extremely passionate about the sport, you can also apply to be a student lifeguard at the pool and earn some money while simultaneously pursuing your passion.

In the academic stress of college, swimming can be a great way to release all that tension. Just glide across the water like a free bird and emancipate yourself from all the worries, or put in some sweat and energy in a gruesome training session – or perhaps even do both.

While swimming has its own charm for everyone, for some it’s beyond the limits of passion. It’s a way of life!

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