I recently embarked on a 30+ hour journey of train, bus, tram, metro, plane and car to get from Bremen, Germany back to Taitung City – where my family lives in Taiwan; it is a very bittersweet notion to leave Jacobs, because while I was excited to leave Jacobs, I was a lot more excited to come back.

I was excited to leave mainly because I could get away with doing three months of nothing at home, and after two semesters of seemingly incessant flow of work – three months of watching Friends, petting cats and laying in a lake seemed awfully wonderful. But I was much more excited to come back because I knew that after three months without Jacobs, its people and Bremen, I would be more than ready to eat Apetito food, sit in Reimar Lüst Hall (just FYI: with a Macbook that always slides off of those ridiculously-angled tables) and endure all of the Bremen rain again.

Not only that, three months of summer break seems like too long of a time to not see the people that I’ve seen every single day for the past nine months – it is currently 25 days into June, and I don’t even remember what my friends look like anymore. (Just kidding, I still remember what most of them look like.)

Either way – the going home experience is also a very new process, as nine months is the longest most of us have ever been away from family, and going ‘home’ for the summer is a very different experience after you’ve lived at Jacobs for a year – perhaps your family has missed you and showers you with love, perhaps your room has been taken by a younger sibling, or perhaps, just maybe, your dad has stolen your brand new Logitech monitor and your sister has stolen your favorite couch-chair. Whatever the changes, it is often weird to arrive in a place that you once called ‘home,’ and realize, for the first time, that it might be possible to identify with more than one home in a distinct period of time.


This blog post doesn’t have much of a purpose – I’ve just gotten questions from incoming students about homesickness. And I can safely tell you that: yes, you may be homesick during the school year, but more surprisingly, you may also find yourself feeling homesick during  the summers.

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