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Why study Integrated Social Sciences?

  1. The Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) BA program at Jacobs University is a unique program, designed for an international student body and by a faculty strongly committed to interdisciplinary research.

One major – Three disciplines

The program comprises of three major disciplines of the social sciences: political science, sociology and communication science. The three-year program includes the following core modules:

  • Introduction to the Social Sciences
  • Communication, Culture & Consumption
  • Crisis & Conflict Management
  • Advanced Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

In this program, students learn how contemporary societies have developed and how they function, with a focus on the key challenges these societies are confronted with (e.g. economic globalization, the growth of megacities, ethno-cultural diversity, and the rise of the critical citizen). None of these issues can be fully grasped, let alone addressed, through the prism of a single social science. A comprehensive understanding will only come from integrating insights from all the social sciences, together with relevant facts identified by the natural sciences.

Ultimately, the aim of the ISS program is to train students in gaining an all-rounded perspective of the social sciences and on human behavior and social organization.

Why ISS?

Check out what our Alumni say about their experiences at Jacobs University:

Why ISS- a video by students for students!

And if you have further questions, why don’t you ask our students? They are happy to answer you questions on the students perspective and experience.

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