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Spring: A time for flying!

It’s that time of year again, where the sun reaches a full meter into my room. Yes, in Bremen, we are far enough north, that the tilt of our globe results in a visible change in the Sun’s path across the sky from one month to the next.  For those of you from the tropics, let me share some of my German-gained wisdom.  For those of you well-acquainted with the seasonal patterns of the Sun, I’ll leave you to ponder the lifestyle impact of a few degrees of latitude.  What's going on?

In the summer, the Sun appears to soar directly overhead at noon; in the winter however it merely swings across the south in a low arc, from East to West, as if someone tossed a slow-flying frisbee across the southern horizon.  So as the northern hemisphere tilts away from the Sun in winter, my potted window plants get a limited time offer on daily sunlight.  Perhaps this visual will may this clearer.

Seasons are a key to student life on the Jacobs Campus, just as in Germany as a whole.  Collectively, we have adjusted quite well. The cold certainly doesn’t stop us (check out this collection of artistic indoor events).  And we certainly know how to enjoy the sun!

Kite FlyingAs Spring begins it’s morning birdsong and trees begin to bud (another phenomenon new to me) the South Asian community came together to celebrate Colours of South Asia this year for the first time.  This was a collection of dances, food, fun and games dear to the hearts of Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalis and all the people who joined us in the sunlight on campus green!

So maybe you can try out our way of enjoying the windy sunny weather between Winter and Spring!

Looking forward, I’m seeing the bustling energy of the season adding to my thesis, class and graduation efforts- I’m looking forward to many more memories created.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


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