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Spotlight: The Jacobs Talent Show

By Jenny Wang (Ecuador); Class of 2012—BSc International Logistics

 You will often be surprised at what your friends and classmates can do outside the classroom and study groups here at Jacobs University. Each semester we have a talent show where students showcase a huge variety of gifts they have beyond the classroom. In the first semester we have Dance-stoned, and the in the second semester we have Spotlight. Both shows take place in our cinema, where over 200 students, families, and off campus friends come to enjoy three hours of non-stop entertainment.

Talent shows here at Jacobs University usually bring out hidden talents from many students that you would usually assume didn’t have any due to the fact that they are very studious, and sometimes, shy and reserved.

Spotlight has always been a much anticipated event organized by students for students—one among many things in which Jacobs University takes pride in—student initiation. There are auditions for the following four categories: Dance, Solo Song, Band, Group performances, and Miscellaneous. It is not an uncommon thing to see students practicing for these auditions at odd hours during the day and night determined to pass through the auditions, perform in Spotlight and ultimately; go for the win. The organizers take time from their busy academic and social lives and invest a lot of creativity into the process of promoting (posters, emails, and so on) this event in order to get the community excited to see what is in store for them.

Fellow students and host families show up early to the entrance of the cinema in order to avoid the long line and to get good seats. Throughout the show, the audiences are handed ballets to vote for their favorite performance of the night. Their votes account for 50% of the overall judging process and the remaining 50% is left up to the panel which this year consisted of three invited staff/faculty members of the university.

The winners of the best solo performance this year were Agne Baltrisiunaite from Lithuania and Joshi from Nepal. The Band award went to “Moses and the Mojitos” singing the Portuguese song called “Nosa”.  The Dance award went to Adela
and Alex from Romania who came up with their own dance routine based on Charlie Chaplain. The Group Performance Award went to Sarvia (Brazil/Germany), Warren (Srilanka), and Prashant (Pakistan). The final category of miscellaneous was won by Natasha Rabota from Ukraine, who performed a beautiful gymnastic routine with a long ribbon. All in all, it was another successful event full of laughs, “whoa’s”, fun, and loud long cheers.

Following the event there was an after party held at The Otherside (student on-campus bar) that lasted late into the night. I remember in my first year here at Jacobs, I was part of the breakdance club. It was my first time ever dancing on stage and I was quite nervous—standing up there with my fellow club members, blinding lights and hundreds of eyes watching my every move. But I will say with pride and joy that our group took the prize for the dance category and even won vouchers for a restaurant down town. The fun and hard work put into this whole process was so fun and satisfactory that I was encouraged to participate again in my second year.

Personally speaking, talent shows here are one of my favorite things—not because of the fun and entertainment, but because it also contributes to the developing arts here at Jacobs University. Dance-stoned and Spotlight have become an annual tradition that has inspired students to initiate other arts-oriented activities and events such as the art club and the “ Jacobs Arts Olympix “; where the four colleges have an opportunity to compete against each other in canvas race painting, fashion, college music bands, free-style dancing, etc.

I encourage perspective students to participate (doesn’t matter if you are a pro or not) in Dance-stoned or Spotlight. Talent shows are an experience among many others that everyone must experience, and something that I will miss terribly once I graduate from Jacobs.

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