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Rotaract Club of Jacobs University Bremen!

Although attending Jacobs is a primarily academic affair, the vibrant student life makes living and studying here a truly incredible experience. Last week there was an awesome post about Pottery Club written by my colleague Safiya (found here:, and this week I would like to talk about an extracurricular activity that I am involved in: Rotaract Club.

Rotaract is an international organization with clubs around the world! We focus on the development of young adults as leaders and service projects affecting our own community in Bremen as well as the international sphere. Here are some short descriptions of a few of the projects we are involved in!

English 4 Kids: Rotaract Club has a partnership with a local primary school, and children come to our campus once a week to receive English lessons from our members! This is usually the first encounter these children have with the English language. We sing, play games, and have loads of fun!

Blood Drive: Rotaract Club and the Rote Kreuz have worked together for over 5 years in organizing the Jacobs University Blood Drive. The Blood Drive is a bi-annual event taking place in the Campus Center which helps foster humanity, care, and compassion. As a result of the over 100 selfless blood donations from the students and local community, the JU Blood Drive collects approximately 50 liters of blood at each edition which ends up saving lives across Germany.

ShelterBox: ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. Rotaract Club works to collect donations from the greater Bremen community in order to fund this worthwhile initiative.

Make a Wish: In collaboration with EPSYMO, a union that sponsors the development of young children, the Christmas wishes from 261 children with underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds are collected! With the help of Santa, Rotaract members aided in the organization and distribution of these gifts.

This semester we have over 40 committed members, which have made our club thrive! It is a great experience to bond with other students who also share a passion for volunteering. Check out some of our pictures from our projects! (:

Rotaract 1 Rotaract 3 Rotaract 2


Here you can read an article by the Weser Kurier about the Make a Wish project!,-261-Wuensche-_arid,1260872.html

Here you can find our Facebook page and stay updated on our latest projects!

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