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Restaurant and Café Recommendations

Living on Campus is great! Whether you need to go to your college, the library, a lecture hall or a research building – everything is conveniently located within a walking distance of maximum 10 minutes (if you’re walking slowly). However, sometimes it is nice to get off campus with your friends to explore a bit of the area surrounding campus. One of my favorite activities is to find new Cafés and restaurants to go to. Sometimes to have dinner with my friends and sometimes to go there with my laptop and do some work for university. I thought I would give you a short selection of restaurants and cafés that I have enjoyed in the time that I’ve been here. Generally, I would recommend calling them up to see whether they have a table free for you!

Kunst Café Krähnholm

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Krähnholm is a beautiful Art Café (which also has a restaurant next to it) located just 10 minutes walking distance from campus near Knoops Park, a beautiful park that runs along the water next to campus. It has a nice interior, a wide open space with lots of light and white furniture. All around the Café artwork is hanging on the walls. There is even a little gallery in the second story with more paintings and sculptures! At Krähnholm you can expect to eat delicious home-made cake and pies and drink great tea and coffee. They are open all days of the week except for Mondays. I would recommend giving them a call on Sundays just to make sure they still have a table free.

Here is their website:


Tapas Bar TintoScreen Shot 2016-05-30 at 16.53.15

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In downtown Vegesack you can find a lovely Tapas Bar tucked away in a side street. They have a nice terrace where you can sit outside in the sun and drink a glass of sangria. The dishes are freshly made and are served in a timely fashion. The people working there were also very friendly! It’s a great place to go with friends to share all of the interesting little dishes they serve and have a fun social night out.

Here is their website:

Selma die Kuh

If you would like to try authentic German food and not spend too much money or go too far from campus Selma die Kuh is a restaurant for you! “Die Kuh” means “the cow” in German and the interior of the restaurant is what I would describe as “rustic German cottage”. They serve everything from Northern German fish soup to Käsespätzle, a dish more traditionally served in the South of Germany. They even have a short video online where you can see what the restaurant looks like!

Here is their website:


Ristorante L’angolino

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If you are craving Italian food, I would highly recommend going to Ristorante L’angolino, an Italian restaurant hidden in a residential area just 15 minutes away from campus. The service personnel is extremely friendly and when you sit down you will be greeted with bowl of delicious bread and different dips. Generally, the portions are quite generous so I would think twice about taking an entrée. If you do decide on one, I can highly recommend the tomato soup. For this restaurant I cannot stress enough to plan ahead, as many people in the neighborhood go here and it is often well visited!

Here is their website:

Olympia bei Andreas


Last but certainly not least there is: Olympia bei Andreas. It is a Greek restaurant (one of my favorites) which is only 3 bus stops away from campus. It is run by a father and son, Andreas and Georgios, whom me and my friends have gotten to know well by now. We are always greeted with hugs and smiles and absolutely delicious food! They really make you feel so welcomed and I would highly recommend this restaurant to any Jacobs student!!

Here is their website:

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