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Quiznight at C3!

Last night, around 33 teams of 6 people each took part in the annual College 3 Quiz Night. Every year, Jacobs students get revved up and ready to compete with their fellow classmates and Jacobs friends in an ultimate night of trivia, games, activities, songs and dance. Just as it was last year, Quiz Night was filled with incredible spirit, ridiculous costumes and eager nerdiness.

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Our team consisted of 6 people: two Physics majors, two Economics & Management majors, one Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience major and one Logistics major. Pretty diverse, I would say. Our team name was: Space girls. It was a play on a space theme and the ‘Spice Girls,’ which ironically, we did not know very much about (this becomes a problem during the game.) Our preparation began an hour earlier already with a lot of face painting action. The guys chose planets to have on their faces; Saturn had a ring on it, Earth had accurate geographical placements and Jupiter had a big storm. The girls went more abstract. We were very prepared.

The event started off with pictures and some brief warm-up activities with questions such as, “Finish the quote: The Earth without art is just _____” and “What do you get two times for free and have to pay for the third time?” (answers: Eh, and teeth) But pretty soon – the night started to get more competitive.


The first category was Science & Technology, which was a pretty good category for the science majors. There were questions about the Hyperloop, DNA, chemicals that make the brain happy, the Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, and the tallest skyscraper in the world. The second category was Entertainment, which featured topics such as the Voice of Belgium, Desperate Housewives, Miss World, the Spice Girls, and Snoop Dogg’s real name (which is Calvin Broadus, by the way).

In between the categories we also had quite a lot of activities, including ‘Who can get the most post-its on their face?’ and ‘Guess that song.’ University life is the perfect combination of tremendous maturity of knowledgeable people and the insane immaturity of cheering someone on as they’re trying to put as many post-its as they can on their face in one minute.


The Art & Music category had questions about the Beatles, Andy Warhol, and Rihanna’s anti-world tour. In Geography, we got asked about Sri Lanka, the Great Victoria Desert, the country that produced the most gold in 2006, the most densely populated country in Africa, the biggest city in Latin America and the largest island of the United States. In Sports, we covered Olympians, cricket, the biggest participant sport (fishing, apparently), and how many times Munich has won the Bundesliga. And last, but not least, we were asked questions about Jacobs University and the history of Bremen. These questions circled around the history of our university, of Bremen, of landmarks in Bremen, and the current Board of the university.

The winner of the entire night ended up being the Mercator College Office Team – who came dressed as minions and won laser tagging for the team. Our team actually also won the costume competition, which is quite unbelievable since we had some very tough competitors.


All in all, it was a really fun night. The atmosphere was really indescribable – people were super pumped and enthusiastic about everything and College 3 did a wonderful and amazing job of organizing this event yet again.

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