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From C Programming to Solar Cell Anti-reflection

By Imelda Kokuhumbya Rweyemamu (Tanzania); Class of 2013 – Electrical and Computer Engineering

I study Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at Jacobs. ECE gives you a fundamental understanding of engineering concepts with a great emphasis on electronics and communication systems.

In my freshman year classes were a mix of mathematics – mostly calculus and introductory courses to electrical engineering and computer architecture. My favorite courses were the labs since I enjoy practical work in general. I had Lab courses in electrical engineering and C programming. Programming was new for me and it was difficult to understand at first but with time it got exciting to create my own code and I eventually passed my final exam which felt good!

My second year was perhaps the most challenging since I had about six mandatory classes including a lab course. This translated to six assignments due each week and one assignment would, at times, take up to a whole day to finish. It was a hectic year especially since I had a life outside academics which also demanded my time. If anything, my second year taught me to prioritise my tasks so that I could keep my sanity intact.

I am writing this article in my third year now, excited about graduating. I can’t wait to go out into the world and put my skills into practice. Before I get too ahead of myself, I still need to complete my bachelor’s thesis. My thesis is on solar cell anti reflection coating optimization and if you come to Jacobs sometime, you might just find it on display in our library.

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