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Pottery Club!


It is important to get leisure time in addition to studying; having balance is key to staying sane with a demanding course load. Personally, I like to do something with my hands, with either photography, or studio art like painting, drawing, and pottery. All the aforementioned things I do on my own time or for work. But for pottery, there is a club on campus.

I’ve been attending pottery club since my first year and it provides a moment to pause. I thought pottery was so much easier than it actually was and seeing my (slight!) improvement over the past two years has been nice to reflect on.

It’s the best kept secret at Jacobs, because a surprising number of students on campus don’t know about the pottery club, or don’t know about the great facilities and supplies available.

Plus at the end of the semester, you have some great accessories for your room, so joining can be functional as well 🙂

Check out the Latest Human of Jacobs Post on the page on facebook to see what the Pottery Club leader said about running the club.

Whats possible with practice : )
Whats possible with practice : )

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