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Opening Doors to the World

On March 2nd, Jacobs University held its first careers fair  inviting multinational companies such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Daimler AG, Barry Callebaut AG and Microsoft. The fair was used as an opportunity for companies to recruit students for graduate traineeships, internships and entry positions. This was also an opportunity for faculty members to exchange information, regarding their current research, with industry representatives. In addition to companies, several research institutions were also present for the fair, including the renowned Max-Planck Institute.

One of the factors that attract all these multinational companies to Jacobs is the diversity of the student body which already enriches Jacobs students with an international experience. Jacobs students have, in the past, gone on to work for some, if not all, of the companies that were present at the career fair.

Students graduating from the Biochemistry and Cell Biology major have gone on to continue at the very best graduate schools in Germany, the UK, the US, and other countries. These include: New York University, Oxford University, and the University of Magdeburg amongst others.

Students graduating from International Logistics Management and Engineering (now Industrial Management and Engineering) have gone to work for companies such as Airbus, Barry Calebaut, Diamler AG and KPMG.

You can get more information on what kind of career opportunities exist for students that graduate from the different majors on our main website.

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