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O-Week 2014

“Now that the lectures have started, it’s difficult to adjust because all of the positive impressions of O-Week are still around.” – Aleksandar Nikolic, Freshman, GEM Class of ’17


This year’s Orientation Week for the incoming Class of 2017 took place in a brisk five days (26.08.14 – 30.08.14) consisting of ample information, unusual activities and vivid characters. Most of the student advisors, organizers, intercultural trainers and mentors were already on campus by the 23rd to eagerly prepare for the freshmen and to ensure their smooth transition into the Jacobs family.

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All in all, Orientation Week 2014 was not only insanely passionate, it was also passionately insane.


Day One

7:00 AM: We get to meet the freshmen and hand them a name tag…


…and lots and lots of papers.

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10:00 AM: College shifts welcome freshmen and guide them into their new homes.


6:00 PM: We have dinner with our advisees, which is fun because they don’t know how to use their campus cards and it’s just chaos.


Day Two

8:00 AM: Breakfast with the wonderful and fantastic Student Advisors

10:25 AM: Official Incoming Class Photo


10:35 AM: Campus Tours

13:00 PM: Intercultural Training

19:30 PM: College Social Night

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22:00 PM: Cocktail Night at the OtherSide


Day Three

9:00 AM: Introduction to Academic Integrity

10:00 AM: Major Fair

14:00 PM: Introduction to Academic & Professional Skills

19:00 PM: Occupy Campus Green



Day Four

9:00 AM: Health Insurance and a Bank Accounts (AKA time to get serious and become an adult)

9:45 AM: Language Placement Tests

11:00 AM: Fire Safety (Also, you get to use a fire extinguisher, which is always exciting)

14:00 PM: Presentations on CampusNet and the IRC

18:45 PM: City Tours & Night Downtown, which were excellent. Jacobs students packed the trains to the Bremen HBF and all eventually, despite how minuscule it is, found Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Then, we headed to Biergarten to relax by the Schlachte and have some chill drinks with some chill people.

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Day Five


9:30 AM: Treasure Hunt


17:00 PM: Host Family Meet & Greet


And that officially concluded Orientation Week 2014…. and brought the beginning of a fresh new Fall semester here at Jacobs University.

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