By Imelda Kokuhumbya Rweyemamu (Tanzania); Class of 2013 – Electrical and Computer Engineering

TJune-Image02here are many different ways of searching for internships at Jacobs: you can ask a professor for help, consult with the career services centre or use your connections from home/school. I was lucky enough to have found an internship via my former high school.  

For my internship I worked with IBM Nairobi for 11 weeks last summer. My internship was IT focused and I worked closely with the asset management department that was responsible for ensuring effective operation of all IBM assets (equipment and software) delivered to IBM’s clients. The client I worked for during my time there was a telecommunication company called Airtel which had operations in 16 countries in Africa a. IBM is responsible for all IT support in the 16 countries. My main project involved reconciling IBM’s key performance indicators, as far as IT operations are concerned, with the industry indicators which every IT company is recommended to follow. The report I generated served to inform IBM about areas in operation that were according to standards and those that were not.

One challenge I faced during my internship was finding a project to focus on. IBM is a large entity with lots of employees so it took a while for me to settle into a tangible project but I was glad it did since this gave me more time to talk to people and learn more about the company. Coming from Jacobs, it was easy for me to find my niche at an international company like IBM. One thing I liked about IBM was that everyone was accessible regardless of their position which made it easy to sit down with the general manager for instance and as a whole made my experience a whole lot better.

My experience helped me focus on what I wanted to do after graduation. I am currently looking for a job at the moment to build my experience before I go on to grad school.

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