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“What is your major and where are you from?”

The ultimate Jacobs ice-breaker. Ironically this phrase is also used after the exhibition of a hidden talent from a Jacobs student. And this happens more than you think. We ask this irrelevant question when we want to know more about one-another. Our major and our nationality do not fully describe us. They are just the labeled tip of the iceberg of our complex life form. Personally I tried many random hobbies throughout the years, but music was the one that became semi-professional, and thus the first thing I was looking for in the new community was other musicians. During the first weeks of my freshman year, our social media was filled with “piano to forte” posts. Jacobs students have been organizing this charity concert since 2011. Hosted by our university with students as performers and Bremen as the audience, “piano to forte” became my first charity performance. During the rehearsals I met the Bass-Legend of Jacobs, Tim Uellendahl with his band “Dizzy Trane”. I wanted to know more about the musicians group and perform regularly for the Jacobs audience. Tim explained that a couple of years ago, some Jacobs students formed a band and recorded a full album during their studies here! Under the name “Panda Kraft” their album “Bamboo Rising” turned into a hit and every time they visit Jacobs we all sing along their lyrics. I felt instant excitement. Tim also added that the music studio changed design and with the new equipment there was a need to rebuild the recording room. After a month he, Young In and Gautam single-handedly built the music studio and we all had a professional space to rehearse. Being away from home meant being away from my equipment, but with the new music studio I could practice various instruments and rehearse with different instrumentalists. After “piano to forte”, there was an increase in musical performances for other events. Students organized the “Krupp Acoustic Night”, “Jacobs Rocks”, “Art On”; there were unplugged sessions in different college events and short performances for official gatherings. It has become a tradition to link musical performances with everything organized on campus. The music community lives in a symbiosis with the Jacobs community; students occupy their free time contributing to the community by creating new social events or improving the previous ones. Tim studies Logistics but there is no place in his CV to say that he is a music legend inside the bubble; no place to mention the audience goes crazy when the band starts playing Blues/Rock/Funk/Jazz. And by Tim I mean not only the whole musician’s community, but also students in other fields whose skills and effort contribute to the life inside the bubble.


Today I would like to introduce you my personal equipment, as they have accompanied me in every performance on campus.

Yamaha RGX A2 White – Very lightweight electric guitar with great resonance and a comfortable touch. Properties:

  • Proprietary A.I.R. body structure
  • Bolt-on maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Dual Yamaha alnico humbuckers
  • Die-cast cylindrical tuners
  • LED-lit volume knob





Marshall 50 dfx – ideal amp for practicing and even performing in small to medium settings. Built in channels: Clean and Overdrive. Digital effects: Delay/Chorus , Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb.


Effect pedals vary from guitar player to guitar player. I personally use BOSS stompboxes along with BCB-60 pedal board. My collection so far consists of: OS-2, CE-5, ML-2, and the infamous DD-7.

More on the Musician’s Community in the next posts! 🙂 \\m//

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