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Model UN Society – Success Stories at Hamburg MUN 2016

At a place with over hundred different nationalities represented, a Model United Nations club is essential to facilitate the debate and discourse about global issues and policies. And this is why we have a comprehensive Model United Nations club here on campus. It’s called the MUN Society Jacobs University.

MUN Society: Free for everyone

What makes the MUN Society so unique on campus is that it’s free to join for anyone at anytime. You don’t have to be a seasoned debater or an avid public speaker to join us. Instead, all that we ask for is passion and commitment.

The MUN Society is a representative club, and recently represented Jacobs University at the Hamburg Model United Nations Conference 2016 (HamMUN) – the largest conference of its kind in Germany. The five member delegation represented Jacobs in four different committees of the United Nations, including the International Court of Justice, the SOCHUM, The Human Rights Council and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. In fact, I was also invited by the Hamburg MUN Staff to Chair the Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, which was indeed a matter of immense honor and pleasure.

Representing Jacobs at such a grand event was a pleasure for each one of us. There were over 650 delegates from different academic institutions throughout Europe including Maastricht, Imperial College and Sciences Po. Each one of us took immense pride in wearing an extremely classy Jacobs-Pin on our blazers, and that reflected our team unity throughout the conference as well. Rather we were often question by students from other universities, “Dude that pin is so classy. Why are you all wearing that?” And we were more than delighted to tell them about our allegiance to Jacobs.

We were also funded by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and that eased out the matters for us. The interaction with so many different people from different universities all over the world broadens the vision so much. In short, representing Jacobs at such an international conference was indeed a pleasure. And then of course after the tiring and gruesome debate in our committees, there were some great parties too!

Our team at the Roaring 20s Ball.Somaan and the Team at the MUN event in Hamburg, 2016.


At a place like Jacobs, where students come from pretty much every part of the world, a Model UN club helps contribute to the essence of the diversity. Sometimes we just gather to have mock debates about global issues. Recently as part of our training for HamMUN, we debated upon the Israel-Palestine Conflict and it was extra-ordinary to have so many different views represented in a mock session. No matter what major you are, be it CS or ECE or IRPH, you’ll definitely find Model UN interesting if you study at Jacobs.

We represent Jacobs at various conferences all around the year, and in 2017 we plan to go to the London International MUN and the EuroMUN for the Spring Semester. This is just our way of honoring the global diversity that Jacobs has always been committed towards!

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