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Mercatorstrasse 2015

It is officially spring time again, which means the occasional nice sun and beautifully bipolar Bremen weather is at its peak. This year’s spring saw another Mercatorstrasse, which is an event hosted annually by the Mercator College Office with a specific theme set in mind. This year, the theme chosen was the Aloha-Hawaiian Theme, which means hula skirts, leis, and a chill vibe.


Despite the damp weather and the light drizzle, students still came from all over campus to enjoy the chill music and incredible amounts of food. Not only was there a huge pile of all sorts of meat for the barbecue, there were of course also vegetarian options with potato salads, fruit sticks and a lavish spread of delicious desserts, including brownies, apple crumble cake, and punch.

During the festivities, the Mercatorian of the year was also announced to be Alena di Primio, a second year Biotechnology student who has helped out in numerous events not only in Mercator but also at Jacobs University. Huge congratulations to Alena for this great award that she hugely deserves!


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