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Major Profile: Industrial Engineering and Management


Industrial Engineering and Management is one of the most popular majors under the mobility category at Jacobs University Bremen.


IEM is a three-year program; the first year courses provide students with the fundamental knowledge of management and engineering together with basic knowledge in mathematics and also statistics. In the second year, students will take more specialized courses in the fields of production systems, manufacturing and design to make their profile more complete. In addition, students are required to do a 4 to 6-month internship to hone their skills. Students in the past have done their internships in different companies such as Airbus, Daimler, Porsche, DMK (Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH), Amazon, DHL, BMW, Bosch, KPMG, and many more.

By studying IEM, you will receive lectures not only from our professors but also from company leaders of, for example, Porsche and Daimler. IEM also gives you opportunities to create network with logistics professionals by organizing events such as Career fairs, IEM internship Day, and Via Bremen Logistics Ambassadors program.

Here are some pictures of what class looks like! 🙂


You might wonder: what are those “towers”?


Those “towers” are what we printed out by using the 3-D printer in our Basics of Manufacturing and Technology class.

Here is a picture of our IEM internship day; a day when students who have done their internship present their results to other IEM students:

11261814_1076154139094763_515555674391920832_o 12768179_1076154299094747_6043929011915561187_o

Here comes a picture of the Via Bremen Logistics Ambassador Annual ceremony where our selected logistics students were honoured to officially become logistics ambassadors:


As a second year IEM student, I love studying with my classmates from different countries and cultures.  I also really enjoy the combination of Engineering and Management within the program. With this qualification, it is often easier to understand the picture of different industries as a whole. I am sure that this major will prepare me for a future as it gives me the perfect set of skills and knowledge to work in a wide range of companies. This combined with the international atmosphere at Jacobs provides not only the professional background, but also very useful abilities to interact with people from all over world.

If you are also interested in studying IEM, don’t hesitate to ask for more detailed questions by contacting the admission office and take a look on our website! (link pasted below)


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  1. The real-world experience of large companies in manufacturing systems, manufacturing and design is great. Gaining this opportunity will give a deeper understanding of the engineering and management knowledge learned in class.

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