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Jacobs University offers four residence halls for students living on campus. At the beginning of your studies, you are able to select which college you would prefer. I was never able to actually visit the campus before coming here to study, and therefore had to rely upon the Internet sources to choose where I would call home my first year on campus. Luckily, Jacobs offers many ways for prospective students to view the buildings on campus, both externally and internally (find links below). I chose Nordmetall and was happy to be apart of the Nordie community my freshmen year at Jacobs.

Nordmetall is the newest and largest residential hall on campus and officially opened in 2009. There are 91 single rooms and 83 double rooms. Like every college, Nordmetall has a common room with games such as table tennis, foosball, and billiards, a spacious multi-media room, its own Quiet Study Area (QSA) and a College Office with friendly staff that are willing to help you with any problems you may have. Unlike the other colleges, Nordmetall also hosts the campus’ dance room as well as a lounge, which entertains smaller events and can be rented out for student use.

I talked to some of the College Office members about what they like most about Nordmetall and what their jobs entail:

Rushana Karimova (3rd Year Earth and Space Science Student)

1. What are the responsibilities of a College Office Team Member?

Each team member in CO Nordmetall has a certain task they’re responsible for. Felix (Filzhut), for example, is our facilities guy, and Thomas is responsible for making posters for all events. I take care of birthday presents for all Nordies, and am organizing the Nordmetall Christmas Market this year. Apart from that, we are available during our office hours in the evenings to help with anything. Usually, Nordies contact us outside our office hours as well, when they urgently need to print their lab report or are baking a birthday cake for a friend and ran out of flour. We also organize cheer-ups and other events, and each of us gets to be responsible for a couple of bigger or smaller scale events each semester. 

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

I really like the event planning part of the job. It is a lot of fun to come up with programs and decorations for the Welcome Back Dinners, the Nerd Party and cheer-ups.  It is great to see my fellow students enjoying an event we organized, and having a good time they took off from studying and working. 
My job is also a very good excuse for me to meet a lot of people from different years and majors, who I would probably not have met otherwise. Oh, and the thank you messages I get from people, when they get their birthday cards.
3. Why would you suggest people choose Nordmetall as their home at Jacobs?
Because Nordmetall is a great place to live! The rooms are very nice, and you do not have to put too much effort to make them cozy, as they already have the most important things you need. I like that we have many different rooms and spaces for studying or relaxing. One can always find space for study group meetings, or watching a sports game or a movie with friends. The community is quite large and diverse, therefore it is hard to describe Nordies with one general trait. So I am sure one can find people with common interests and make friends here.


Thomas Dols (2nd Year Earth and Space Science Student)

1. What are the responsibilities of a College Office Team Member?

The idea behind the College Office Team is to make the college a warmer, homier environment for students and visitors. We do this in a variety of ways, between organizing Cheer-Ups during exam periods (to give students a well-deserved study break), to organizing larger events, like the Christmas Market. We also have office hours, during which students are invited to come to the office, do a little printing, borrow something from the office (we have all kinds of stuff, from drills and hammers to paints and sewing supplies), or have some sweets and tea and just hang out. Most importantly, College Office Team Members should be easily approachable by other students, to better be able to meet their needs.
2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
The most enjoyable part of working in the College Office has to be the ability to organize events. Being in the College Office provides a platform through which I can be creative with events, and organize these based on the interests of my peers. Mostly this can be seen with the creative cheerups, from Disney Karaoke Night to a Poetry Slam in the Nordmetall Lounge. The work that goes into these events can be intense and time consuming, but in the end, pulling them off successfully is one of the best feelings I know.
3. Why would you suggest people choose Nordmetall as their home at Jacobs?
Funny enough, I chose Nordmetall for its website. When I was looking for colleges to live in, it was Nordmetall’s website that was the easiest to navigate, and I was easily able to find pictures of the common spaces, apartments, and the building itself, leaving me with a very good impression of the college. The reason why I continue to live in Normdetall is that my initial impression has only been confirmed throughout my time here. Nordmetall has a well maintained and equipped Common Room, a large servery (that, aside from rare closures for maintenance, is always open), a large dance studio on the first floor, and a dynamic Multimedia Room (MMR) that is used to host parties, to watch movies, or to just hang out and play some video games.


Felix Filzhut (3rd Year Global Economics and Management Student)

1. What are the responsibilities of a College Office Team Member?

The college office job has one of the most diverse job descriptions that I have ever seen or had to fulfill. The most basic responsibilities that we have are opening the college office, helping people print or translating one of those way to complicated german letters. A somewhat more involved responsibility is the organization of “Cheer-ups”, in order to get students to come out of their rooms during study time. I have had to do make chicken wings, organize a karaoke night, and even roast s’mores once, that was my favorite. The most intensive work that we have to do is the organization of one of the Campus wide parties, which take a lot more time than I would like most of the time. Our responsibilities can just be summed up to helping the students of our respective colleges, but that makes it sound way too boring and as if it was a chore, it is a fun job and I very much enjoy being a college office member. 

2. What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
This is a very difficult question. As I mentioned just shortly before, this is a very diverse job in which I have to fulfill many different responsibilities. Personally I do not enjoy parties as much as others, but I do enjoy the organizing of them! The best part of the job is the joy you see in the faces of the other students when they had an absolutely amazing time! It is this feeling that is the best part of the job for me, having other people enjoy themselves, which is what we aim for after all. 
3. Why would you suggest people choose Nordmetall as their home at Jacobs?
Nordmetall is the newest college, meaning it has the best facilities! In my experience we also have the best food, which is of course very important. Nordmetall also has the best wi-fi coverage, meaning you can sit anywhere in order to study. Nordmetall also has an awesome community, and it doesn’t feel like we each rented apartments in the same complex, but rather like we are one big family in the same house. There are a lot of different reasons why I like Nordmetall and have lived here for my entire stay at Jacobs, these were just the ones that I was able come up with.


Pictures of the College:


Outside View of NordmetallCourtyard

Servery College Office

Quiet Study Area Quiet Study Area

Common RoomCommon Room

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College Nordmetall Facebook Page:

College Nordmetall Website (currently being redone):

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Campus Map:

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