Jacobs University is set apart from almost every other university in Germany by one huge factor – the campus. Thing is, the Jacobs campus is more than just some nice brick buildings connected and surrounded by footpaths, a couple roads, and lots of green spaces – campus is its own world. By stepping through the gates onto campus, you transport yourself from wonderful, though predictable, German surroundings, into a lively and vibrant environment that has evolved to be the best mix of every culture that has ever come to visit Jacobs.

We all speak English here on campus, but it would be crazily inaccurate to pretend that you won’t hear at least three languages you don’t speak throughout a typical day on campus. If you ask, you can walk away knowing some fun or helpful phrases in anything from German to Albanian to Korean to Afrikaans. And to go with all these different languages come the visual equivalents as well – the way people dress, decorate, or dance is so incredibly varied here on campus and accessible to everyone who wants to try something new.

Life on campus at Jacobs comes in many layers. We are all one family and community at Jacobs, and everyone on campus shares in the same awesome campus-wide events like the talent show Spotlight, or DanceStoned, which showcases dance groups from on and off campus, or Piano to Forte, a night of incredible singing and instrumental music that never fails to impress.

Jacobs University Choir performing at Piano to Forte, a annual event to showcase the musical talents found on campus

Another integral layer of campus life is college life. There are four dorm buildings at Jacobs University – Krupp College, Mercator College, College 3, and Nordmetall College. Each of these colleges has its own community and culture, fostered by the time the residents spend together in the servery (dining hall) of their college, and the inter-collegiate events that take place on campus such as Jacobs Games, and ArtOn. Each college has a college office with staff and students working to put on great events for all the residents of the college and residents of any other college who want to join in. During midterms period and finals period, hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear about a cheer up hosted by one college office or another with great ways to relax, de-stress, and maybe meet some new people in the process. During less strenuous times, there are events like Halloween Party, and Valentine’s Day party, or after parties related to campus-wide events at the student bar called The Other Side.

Jacobs Games is a yearly event in which all four colleges compete in a myriad of events from football to cheerleading to eSports

On top of the campus community and the college communities, there are dozens of clubs and societies on campus that anyone can join, ranging from the chess club to the hip hop dance group to major-specific networking groups to those groups that aim at sharing and educating people about their home country and culture.

At every level, life on Jacobs University’s campus is intercultural and lively. There are so many opportunities to get involved with events, societies and fundraisers. Whether you are a participant, an organizer, or an audience member who appreciates all this, everyone will find their niche at Jacobs within the vibrant, rich, and ever-changing campus life.



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