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Krupp Farewell Barbecue

Last weekend, Krupp college had a farewell barbecue to celebrate another fantastic year with the most amazing Kruppies and say bye to the lovely 3rd years. As Deya mentioned in our last blog, the class of 2016 is going to graduate in 2 weeks. During their three years at Jacobs, they experienced the challenges from academics, earned life-long friendship and shared happiness with every Jacobs students in amazing events.


During the farewell party, Krupp college office coordinator Florence gave awards to outstanding Kruppies who have contributed their talents for Krupp in Jacobs Games, Arts on, who organised Krupp traditional annual events Chinese New Year and Deepawali and who have shared their love and kindness with people around.

Daniel Gustavo Romero (Colombia, 2018) won the “Rising Star” award. He has been one of the most active and dedicated people at Krupp. His warm smiles and hugs have always been a delight to see at office hours almost everyday. Despina Stefanoska (Macedonia, 2016) won “The Voice” award. She has not only been the mastermind behind many amazing Krupp events but also the powerhouse behind the advertising and promotion of these events. Her special iconic voice and her blast of energy and enthusiasm has made her “The Voice” of Krupp. Antonius Hegyes (Romania, 2017) won the “Walking Wikipedia” award for being helpful for everyone in Krupp. Maria Volkova (Russia, 2016) won the “Artist of the year” award for her great talents in painting and design. Joana Halili (Albania, 2017) was selected to be the “Most valuable player” for her brave performance in the dodgeball game in Jacobs Games. Vlad Nicolescu (Romania, 2017) became the “Musician of the year” because his amazing performances in Welcome back dinner, Battle of band of Arts on was truly a great addition to Krupp, which was traditionally known as the musical college.





After the award ceremony, Krupp college office team prepared everyone with delicious barbecue and ice cream. Krupp band also performed the song “Viva la vida”.

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In the end, every Krupp third year got a red balloon representing that the Krupp love will go with them after graduation. We want to wish all the third years the most amazing graduation experience at Jacobs university and a even brighter future!

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Good luck all the third years!


Pictures from the amazing Krupp photographer: Ibra Wane


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  1. Ben Mwaniki

    That farewell looks awesome. I look forward to becoming a Krupp and get to celebrate.

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