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Job Opportunities on Campus

Many students are wondering… Can I get a student job on Campus? Which kind of jobs are there? Do I need any requirements for them? When can I apply and start working? The good news is: There are actually a lot of opportunities to get a Campus Job! In this blog article our student Sophia will sum up the most popular job possibilities and give some brief information about them.


Circulation desk in the library

One of many options is applying to a job in the library. Generally, the students who work in the library sit at the circulation desk and help other students to rent out books by registering the book which is to be rent out and giving the students a receipt, which shows until when the book needs to be handed back. In case a professor has put a specific book on reserve, the working students will try to find it in a special room, which is close to their working space. Furthermore, they help anyone having trouble with printing papers or posters.

Sports facilities


Another attractive job is at the gym on Campus. Working students hand out the keys to the gym lockers used by the students and also check if everyone has a towel and appropriate gym shoes. They help other students who are working out to complete some exercises and explain how to use the gym machines. Additionally, they make sure that everyone uses the gym equipment correctly and safely to avoid any unnecessary accidents. In case an a

The gym on Campus

ccident happens, they are able to perform first-aid and know whom to contact for more severe injuries.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is located a few minutes away from Campus. If you have been swimming before and want to give other people the possibility to do the same, you can start working here! Ideally you have had first aid instructions, otherwise you have to get a certificate before starting your contract at the swimming pool. If you know how to apply swimming techniques, even better! You can instruct people how to swim and teach them swimming techniques.

College Office

Each of the four Colleges at Jacobs University has a college office, in which the Resident Mentor of each college makes sure that everything runs smoothly around the college. He is supported by a team of college office members, who are the helping hands for all college related issues. They have office hours, in which other college inhabitants can drop by for a tee, a light bulb, or borrow the vacuum cleaner. On top of that, the college office team organizes cheer-ups to which all students from Campus can come to have a fun time with some special activities. In general, the whole college office team is very involved in student activities.

Campus Life

TOS (The Other Side)

This is the Campus Bar. It is the place where student-organized parties take place and students gather on Friday nights to hang out and socialize. The bar is run by students hired by Campus Life, so if you love working behind the bar, mixing drinks and don’t mind staying up late during the weekends, this job is perfect for you!

Security Team

During the gatherings at TOS, a security team ensures that everything goes smoothly throughout the night. They circle around, making sure that everyone feels alright and that no one gets into trouble.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

There is a broad range of different teaching assistant jobs on Campus. The basic principle is, that professors can give tasks to students to support them during their research and management of classes. These job offers apply mostly to 2nd and 3rd year students, who already have experience in their field of study, but also 1st year students can apply to these jobs if they have advanced knowledge from their high school experiences. The types of TA jobs vary from helping the professors with correcting quizzes, papers, lab reports and homework to supporting them directly in the teaching laboratories, supervising courses, giving tutorials or even teaching themselves.

Student Assistant (SA)


As a student assistant for the admissions department you give Campus Tours to groups of people and prospective students as well as supporting the admissions team at events on Campus like Open House and information days for parents and prospective students and going to fairs. Other tasks include the representation of Jacobs University on social media, or creating posts about life on Campus. Moreover, the student assistants help with anything that needs to be done, as filling out excel sheets with important information and packing boxes with information material.

Reimer Lüst Hall
Carreer Service Center

The Career Service Center on Campus is a place where students can get assistance with their cover letters, applications and alike. On top of that, they organize workshops for students that prepare them for interviews, applications, and how to deal with situations in the professional career in general. Accordingly, CSC student assistants look over CVs and motivational letters to correct mistakes or suggest changes, help organizing events and may give workshops themselves after they got an appropriate training.

International Office

The International Office deals with all issues concerning exchange students coming to Jacobs University and Jacobs students going for a semester abroad. Student assistants help with all kinds of tasks, like creating schedules, acceptance letters, designing the IO website, giving Campus Tours and helping out at conferences and delegation visits.

Counselling Center

The Counselling Center organizes awareness events and campaigns, like for example the “Decision Making Campaign” which took place last semester, in order to resolve existing problems and to enrich life at Jacobs for students. They are also responsible for conducting the intercultural training, which takes place at the start of the fall semester for incoming students. Developing and designing different help brochures about decision making, conflict resolution or healthy eating are examples for the work area of CC members. Student assistants help planning, organizing and promoting such events and help with the events at the spot.

The Pulse

The Pulse is the tiny ‘supermarket’ on Campus, run by external owners (not Jacobs University). It was founded by former students, who decided that there is need for a place that offers food at times when the cafeteria is closed and all students staying up at night to study are craving for a pizza, a hot dog and all kinds of other snacks. Students who work at the Pulse will have a job as a cashier in the shop and keep track of the inventory of the store. If you are a friendly person who likes working with customers, that’s the perfect job for you!

How to get a job

In general, job offerings and their deadlines for applications will be posted on CampusNet or Emails will be sent around, so that everyone has a chance to apply for the job. If you have a specific place where you would really like to work, it also helps to ask the students already working there if there are any open positions or if there will be any soon. For some teaching assistant jobs, the Professors ask students themselves to support them, but it is always good to keep in contact with a Professor and if you are wondering if you could get a job, you can ask them about possible teaching assistant jobs.

Basically – keep your ears any eyes open and you’ll find a job perfect for you 🙂

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  1. Bishwash Khanal

    Thank you very much for the information.

  2. Dushan Terzikj

    Is there application for every job? If so, when do applications go out?

    • Sophia

      If you are studying at Jacobs and looking for a Student job, you can always ask the respective person in charge, if there are any free positions. Sometimes, there are also job postings on CampusNet to which you can apply. The best time to apply for a job is mostly at the beginning or end of a semester. Depending on the job, you will then have to write a motivational letter, have an interview, or a Professor approaches you him/herself.

  3. Charles Iro

    Thanks for the heads-up

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