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Jazz Night: Sunday Evenings

Jazz NightTake a moment.  Fill your soul with a sense of calm presence and follow the tunes vibrating through you.  Jazz Night.
A Sunday Night, the chance to take a deep breathe before the next big week of papers, presentations, projects and commitments.  And check out the talent!
Eric on Keys, Tim on Bass, we got Micheal on the Trumpet, Gautam on guitar, and welcoming two new members of the band, Peter on the Sax, and Alex on Drums.  From calm and collected, suave and swinging, warm and steamy this band will always surprise you.
And with the applause and the huge smiles on their faces, I can’t help but smile myself.  There is nothing like live music, but maybe this short video can remind you of that, like it reminded us to sit back and recharge before diving into a harrowing final month of the Fall semester 2014.


Best wishes for all the projects that have built up over the year. Wishes for the final steam that pushes through to a comforting Christmas to top off a year of grand productivity.

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