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Jacobs Supplemental Essay

By Admissions

It’s that time of the year again when we are approaching our application deadlines for new students. Coupled with the stress of high school exams, essays and SATs, we understand how stressful these times can be. This is why we insist on having a holistic approach when reviewing applications for potential Jacobians. When reviewing applications, we take into account academic performance as well as the students’ personal interests to determine how well students would fit in at Jacobs. We give students the chance to express themselves through their application essays. There is no one way of writing these essays. What we really are interested in reading are your own personal opinions. Have a look at one of our current students’ response as to why they chose Jacobs:

Just as a bird chooses its path to fly I have always wanted to be free to choose what I wanted to study. The International Baccalaureate gave me a taste of studying disciplines other than the sciences whilst still having a focus on Biology. I am personally interested in learning about the opportunities that genetic engineering have for mankind. I am convinced that Jacobs is the right place for me to explore my interests through its Biotechnology program.

So as you write your Jacobs Supplemental Essays do keep in mind that we are interested in what you have to say about our university. Good luck with your essays.

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