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Jacobs Scholarships Demystified

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Based on admission rates in the past few years, approximately 40% of the admitted candidates had a chance of obtaining a Jacobs Entrance Scholarship. Further aid is possible through our financial aid packages.

What is the difference between a scholarship and a grant?

Scholarships are need-blind and based on one’s academic achievements. Grants are awarded based on one’s family’s financial situation. Students are not expected to reimburse a grant and/or scholarship once it has been granted.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Every student applying for general admission to Jacobs University will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarship. There is no need to submit a separate scholarship application.

What types of scholarships are offered at Jacobs?

The admissions office determines the scholarship amount that a student receives as a reward for his/her academic excellence. The different kinds of scholarships are:

  • Full scholarship: covers all expenses (room and board, tuition)
  • Partial scholarships: variable amounts as judged by the admissions office
  • Private scholarships from other sources/sponsors are also recognized by the university.
  • Mid-semester scholarships: these scholarships are offered by external sponsors after arrival at Jacobs (they may be accepted and sourced by Jacobs)

Can I lose my scholarship?

All students are required to submit a financial aid renewal application for each year they attend Jacobs University. The Student Financial Services Office checks the yearly GPA (Grade Point Average) of each scholarship recipient. If the GPA drops to 3.0 or lower (Scale 1 – 5, with 1 being the highest), then the student may lose his/her scholarship. If any additional financial need is shown in the application, the student could receive a grant to cover all or some of the expenses.

Important: Once a scholarship is lost, it cannot be regained!

Can I receive a scholarship during the course of my studies, if I haven’t received one upon arrival?

Jacobs only offers entrance scholarships; that is, you cannot receive a  Jacobs scholarship once you have started your studies. However, you are encouraged to apply for private scholarships. Due to an increased interest in Jacobs University from the business world,  there are several awards  for specific majors  – offered by various companies and institutions.

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