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Jacobs after one semester: First Years answer

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If you are considering Jacobs University , I will first  say that it’s definitely the right choice 🙂  . That aside , if you are still debating , one thing that always helps is knowing how current students feel about their experience at the university.


Now in my third year , I look back on my experiences at Jacobs University very fondly, and am so glad I tackled my  nervousness to leave New York City and come to Bremen and attend Jacobs.


I was set on coming to Jacobs after learning about the emphasis placed on transdisciplinary education and on creating an international and vibrant community. Thankfully I had the opportunity to visit Jacob’s and have a tour before making my final decision. Hearing from my student tour guide about how much she loved living and studying there made choosing Jacobs really easy.


But with applicants coming from all over the world, there is not always the chance to visit before you arrive, but knowing how current students in their own words feel about their time on campus might take away some of the mystery.


I asked members of our new class of 2018, what they felt was the biggest difference between high school and college; and  if there are  changes they have noticed for themselves  socially , culturally or academically , about adjusting to Jacob’s life so far.


They said:


Transition from high school to University has been an awesome experience for me . I’ve indeed  learned a lot from everyone here. ( Yeah in just a month !) Apart from the core curriculum syllabus. The new place, new friends, new cultures and the new teachers have been important for my individual learning.

Sabin, Nepal


Living in this college ( Mercator) is pretty much like my high school because I was in a boarding school. The main difference is the outstanding number of nations at Jacobs!

~ Rubie,


There is more responsibility in college and time management is crucial . Also , being at Jacobs  gives you more opportunities to explore.

Jai , India


The biggest difference is that Jacobs has a lot of do-it – yourself approach to work- no one’s going to tell you to study, you have to do it yourself. The diversity has been a surprise too , where I come from everyone was like me and I got into a comfort zone which Jacobs has forced me to leave. its pretty easy to adjust socially because everyone is really friendly.


Matthew, Uganda


In university you can miss classes but there is a high workload, so it’s better to go and not fall behind. Also  there are a lot of open minded people at university; versus some of the social restrictions and peer pressure of high school.

Zapryan, Bulgaria

Transitioning to university from high school can be difficult especially with maybe having to move countries ,but from the freshman I asked, their overall response was that settling into Jacobs was facilitated by the people here the community and learning how to step out of their comfort zone and take the opportunity to grow and learn.


Addressing the main observation  of many of the first years who wrote here, managing one’s workload once you get to Jacobs University, is of course imperative. However, after the experience is no longer so new and  you are settled, creating a work life balance becomes like second nature.


But you should find out for yourself : )


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