By Sibulele Ngomane (South Africa); Class of 2013 – Global Economics and Management

As the semester sets into full swing with midterms on the way, many students welcomed the much needed break that this year’s Jacobs Olympix (yes spelled with an ‘x’) promised to bring. The Olympix is one of Jacobs’ oldest traditions which takes place every year where the four residential colleges on campus compete against each other in several sport disciplines. This year`s Olympics took place on the 29th of September and was surely one to remember.

Although most of the games and challenges take place on one day, the Olympix spirit begins as soon as the various teams start training for the various disciplines. The enthusiastic spirit is magnified when the respective colleges host their pep rallies. This is an evening dedicated to T-shirt decorating, learning and perfecting college cheers, chants and anthems for the main event. Snacks and drinks are served to keep everyone energized. The pep rally is a perfect occasion to meet, socialize and build community spirit within the colleges.

The opening ceremony takes place on the eve before the main sporting day. It is always impressive to see everyone in their college colours coupled with patriotic screams. The ceremony starts off with an exciting torch lighting ritual which sets the mood for the adrenaline-charged 24 hours to come.

The big day begins early in the morning and one can almost feel the excitement seep through the walls as everyone grabs a quick breakfast. The next hours are filled with anxiety, thrill and sweet victory as students collect trophies for their colleges. During the games, supporters sit on the side lines and passionately support their teams. From volleyball to dodge ball to tug of war, Jacobs roars with energy. The climax of the Olympix is reached when the cheer leading battle takes place. This is usually in the evening after all other sports events have ended. Each of the colleges show off their creative yet skilful stunts and choreographies. This year`s cheer leading victory went to the dragons of college III. The evening culminated in an Olympix-themed party which was a good way to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

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