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Jacobs Games Cheerleading

This past weekend Jacob’s Games 2015 took place. This is an inter-college competition, which includes sports such as soccer (also known to many as “football”, which I personally think is wrong :D), basketball, tug of war, and many more. Students from Krupp, Mercator, Nordmetall and C3 all dressed up in their college wear and went out to support their teams. I chose to participate in cheerleading as I did last year; however, I was cheering for the Mercator College as I recently moved from Nordmetall.

Despite what people may think, cheerleading is one of the most competitive sports during Jacobs Games. Our team met every night for 3 weeks to learn the dances, stunts, and cheers. At times, the practices were stressful, but in the end this is a chance to bond with those in your college. People that weren’t even on the team would come to our practices to support us and help whenever they could.

Every routine is around 4-5 minutes long and is a mesh of many different songs. The competition is always full of energy and tension. This year there were alumni and college heads that came to judge the competition. This year Nordmetall won the competition, Mercator came in 2nd, C3 3rd, and Krupp 4th. None of us are professional cheerleaders, but this is actually an aspect that makes this competition all the more fun. All of the teams did amazing and brought something new and different to the table. Here are some pictures that I took from the competition!

Nordmetall C3 Krupp Mercator Mercator

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