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Jacobs Games 2014

Jacobs Games Opening Ceremony
Jacobs Games Opening Ceremony

The Jacobs Games is a sport themed event that occurs annually at Jacobs University at the beginning of the fall semester. The Jacobs Games helps enrich student life on campus and to foster the students’ sense of belonging to their individual colleges. Students from each of our colleges: C3, Mercator, Nordmetall and Krupp as well as the graduate students, compete in various sports events including basketball, football, tug of war, ultimate Frisbee and so much more.

The whole event is student run and organised and, as well, is a part of one of Jacobs University’s many traditions. The games are commenced with an opening ceremony where students dress up in their college colours and cheer in support of their teammates. The games are played on our sports field and also utilise our Sports and Convention Centre which is used for a variety of indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton throughout the year. The main highlight of the event though, was the cheerleading, which is the last event of the Jacobs Games.  The choreographed performances this year were indeed spectacular and most definitely worth watching.

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