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10805242_10203225897312554_1726820686_nAs the application deadlines for the class of 2018 are quickly approaching here is just a bit of information that you might want to know regarding the few changes that will affect the class of 2018. One of the experiences that Jacobs students benefit from is the mandatory internship. Currently students majoring in any field other than logistics have had, as a requirement, to partake in at least a two month internship at an institution of their choice. This helps students to gain experience in the various research and work environments outside Jacobs and perhaps outside Germany as whole. With the new approach, students will be required to participate in a semesters worth of internship, which would be about three to four months. This will allow students to work in companies that require them to participate in longer lasting internships and also hopes to foster a greater working experience for students. Here is what current students have to say about their internship experiences:

‘I worked at Instituto de Neurociencia de Alicante in Spain. I gained a lot of experience and got to put what I had learnt in class to practical use. I also got to make good contacts and I as well think it was a good addition to my CV to add the various things that I did in my internship. Overall, my internship experience helped me learn more about my study area and gain confidence that I had made the right major choice.’ Jose Reyna class of 2014 (Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience)

‘I participated in the New York University’s summer undergraduate research program (SURP); a ten week internship program. Besides daily work in a research lab it offered cultural and social activities (bike tour through Manhattan, Broadway musical, Guggenheim museum and much more). Every year, two to three Jacobs students get the opportunity to participate in this internship program. I also was given a lot of responsibility and was regarded as an equal lab member – I had my own project elucidating the crosstalk between the glucocorticoid receptor and the Tyrosine kinase B receptor signalling pathways in neurons. Glucocorticoid receptors are responsible for stable cortisol levels and if malfunctioning have been shown to be involved in Psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia.’ Carol Hoppe class of 2015 (Biochemistry and Cell Biology)

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