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Harz Mountains Excursion

At Jacobs, we are offered some very cool courses to take part of during our studies; even though I study Global Economics and Management, I still got the chance to take an excursion course targeted primarily at environmental and space science students.

Through the course of the weekend, we looked at several sites including the Sternplatz, Lautenthal, Silberhuette, the Museum at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rammelsberg, Goslar the city as well as Oderteich and Torfhaus at the Brocken mountain.

At the UNESCO World Heritage Site, we were also given a tour of the historical mines, which was quite an adventure in itself. The mines were very deep and featured the old water wheels that the miners worked with. In the city of Goslar, we were able to get a guided tour to explore the many specialities of the historical town. Overall, not only was the excursion a great time in nature, it also brought a very practical and hands-on characteristic to environmental studies.

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