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Hanse Boat Race

Jana Eckei (Germany); Class of 2014 – International History and Politics (IPH)

The girls rowing team accepting their winners medals

When it comes to sports at Jacobs, the rowing team is without a doubt the most supported and successful team on campus. One of the competitions they frequently take part in in is the Hanse Boat Race.

The Hanse Boat Race is an annual rowing challenge, established in 2008, between Jacobs University and the Hamburg School of Business Administration. The teams compete in different races: a main race over 2000 meter by the men’s eight cox, the women’s double, women’s quad and men’s four with cox. They all go over 1000 meters.

Rowing Team Picture
The Rowing Team members

On Saturday, the 4th of May, a beautiful spring day, 700 spectators watched the exciting races on the Alster River in Hamburg. Despite immense training and great team spirit, the Jacobs team only managed to win the women’s double. Needless to say, they indeed emerged in second place out of two teams so that was not entirely a huge loss. The HSBA teams celebrated their victory overall score between the two university teams 3:0.

Both teams are looking forward to competing again next year. The Jacobs team is optimistic that it will carry home the trophies next time.

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