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Great things about living in Germany: Festivals

Germany is the largest country in Europe, and what does that entail? It means it is an incredibly diverse land, filled with all sorts of ethnicities, traditions, landscapes, cities, football teams and kinds of beer, just to mention a few. But in today’s edition of ‘Great things about living in Germany’ let’s talk about events that happen in varied places around the country, that make it a unique place to live! I give you three different ‘festival-ish’ activities to do in the south, the capital city and just around the corner in Bremen downtown.


Correct me if I am wrong, but probably Oktoberfest is the best-known around the globe German festival, which gathers millions of locals and foreigners for around two weeks in the southern region of Bavaria. Living in a country with a love for beer and lederhosen, this sounds like the place to be!

If you are asking yourself why is it called Oktoberfest, considering it takes place around the middle of september onwards (Septemberfest does not sound as catchy I must admit), here are some facts about the history of this fun festival: it all started back at the beginning of the 19th century when the crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese on October 12th. The people of Munich were invited to celebrate the royal wedding, and one thing led to another, first some horse races, then some bratwursts being sold, and finally a whole funfair was set, and over the years it became a huge festival.

So, if you got a tiny bit tempted to live one of the best festivals in the country, don’t forget to put on lederhosen or a dirndl, and see you there!

“Karneval der Kulturen”

Berlin, the centre of this multicultural country, has a four-day long urban festival to show you all the diversity that can be enjoyed in this country! Performances, parades, music, food, and street art are some of the activities that can be attended during this Karneval.

Through self-empowerment and inclusion, this festival promotes and celebrates the diversity of all cultural minorities that live in the city: from dancers coming from Brazil, to some traditional food from India, the whole world is represented in some way.

So if you enjoy acrobats, live music, and street performances, you should consider visiting next May!

Christmas Markets

I guess this is your lucky day: We live in Bremen, and we happen to have one of the prettiest Christmas markets of the country! So if like me you are not from this part of the world, you might find it as fascinating as I do.

Christmas markets are the essence of December, and they bring along the spirit of the holiday: they get you in the mood for good food, a bit of snow, and even in the mood for buying presents! You might consider taking a stroll around the Altstadt this end of the year, or even going to visit the ones nearby in Hanover or Hamburg.

Among the wide variety of delicatessen that you can enjoy are, for example, the Lebkuchen: a sort of gingerbread, sometimes sold in the shape of hearts, that are a traditional German holiday food! You can also add to the combo some good old glühwein, the red wine heated with spices and vanilla, or some hot fruit punch to keep you warm!

Copyright: Photograph by BTZ Bremen 2016

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