Florence and her Krupp College

Krupp is first one of the four residential colleges at Jacobs University. Every year, Krupp organizes traditional events such as Chinese New Year, Deepawali.

Florence (Sauying) Yu is the Krupp college office coordinator. She was born in China and raised in Hong Kong. She had 9 years of social work experience in Hong Kong and she was closely connected to the teenagers and families. Then she came to Germany in 2007.


Why did she come to Jacobs?

At that time, she just had one year of family counselling course and needed an internship in English. Then she found Jacobs University, a perfect English speaking school that she could do her counselling at. Florence applied and got accepted. Jacobs University then arranged a room in Krupp as her office. During her internship there, she got to know people from all over the world. The students at Jacobs always come to Florence to talk to her. They shared their happiness and stress with her. Even though it took Florence almost 4 hours everyday on the way, she still insisted on doing this internship for five months. She left Jacobs but really wished to come back one day.

In August 2010, Florence found a job opening. She applied and became the college office manager of Krupp.


Her Overall Krupp Experience

“I really, really love the students here at Jacobs. They give me so much inspiration.” She said, “I even forget how long I have been here.” During my interview with Florence, I kept hearing the word “inspiration” and “positive energy.” Florence said that she has learnt a lot from the students. There have been so many crazy ideas that she has never heard about. “I don’t consider Krupp as my working place, but my second home.”


Her unforgettable memories

One of Florence’s unforgettable memories was the Extreme Day at Krupp. 3 years ago during the Extreme Day event, some Krupp students threw her into a small pool. “I was so worried about my phone in my pocket, so I was at first a bit angry.”, Florence smiled, “But then I immediately realized that my students treat me as their friends. We are equal and can make fun of each other just as families. I felt so happy.”

Another great memory of Florence was at the Acoustic Night. Acoustic Night is also a traditional Krupp events. People simply just bring guitars and sing together. It is not formal. No matter how well you play your instruments or how good you can sing, you are always welcomed to join the warm atmosphere. Florence thinks that Acoustic Night really represents the Krupp spirit. “We include everyone in our family. We care about each other and we share love.”


Her Hard Time at Krupp

One of the difficulties that Florence had was the language barrier. She really had trouble understanding different accents from people all over the world in her first year here.

Time after graduation has become the hardest time for Florence. “I am so happy to see them finish their study and go on to chase their dreams,” said Florence, “but I don’t want them to leave. It’s always so hard for me to accept the fact that they won’t be here next semester.” However, Florence’s Krupp babies came back sometimes. They told Florence how much they missed Krupp and there could not be anywhere else that make them feel more like home.


Words to Kruppies and Jacobians

“I really want to thank all the students at Krupp. They guide my way home, support me with love and tolerance and they make my life full of surprises. I feel so grateful to be in this community with them.”, said Florence, “I want to tell all the Jacobians that Dream is one part of our life, so don’t give up! Do the things you love and enjoy every moment. ”




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