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Fall 2014 Cheer-Ups

Cheer-ups at Jacobs are everything you need during mid-term season and final season; a huge pick-me up during a true time of crisis and panic. Giving up is so easy during finals week: to lay on the floor and think about shorthair cats is so much more pleasing than stressing about the four finals in the coming week, but somehow, cheer-ups manage to keep us fed and sane enough to make it through all our examinations.

So today – I went through the albums of the colleges here at Jacobs to find the cheer-up highlights of Fall 2014.

Pumpkin Carving Cheer-Up

10689968_757753644272617_230254188565594040_n 10422181_757754150939233_3163035829320056389_n 10171739_747969305240593_1322785819966160348_n 10647024_747964761907714_7010840536362510246_nSuch a nice cheer-up for the fall season before Halloween! Hosted by the Mercator College Office, the pumpkin cheer-up was an opportunity for students to get really creative and carefully carve out little designs. Accompanied with pumpkin seeds and ginger tea, it was a much needed fall cheerup.

Disney Cheer-Up 

10422217_10152912274645070_2745935767971271655_n 10849913_10152912275480070_6960953077774822636_n 10392349_10152912274355070_5443827743371866286_n 10394060_10152912276050070_4832718954486040274_nWho loves Disney more than kids? College students, that’s who. Krupp College did a tremendous job with the cheer-up featuring hot chocolate (+ marshmallows) as well as little coloring images with our favorite Disney characters (ex. Simba, who’s basically everyone’s favorite).

Coffee Lounge Cheer-Up (Feat. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

1470256_10152799581515070_8314579681902470659_n 1654222_10152799580025070_5944558861479585386_n 1926867_10152799578100070_1626896091844388505_n 10440091_10152799578465070_7610010898824163770_nKrupp College became a temporary Central Perk when they hosted a Friends showing with a generous amount of coffee. Everything about this cheer-up was on point, and just really showed us that Krupp College will be there for you.

Halloween Cheer-Up

1491583_10152831985370070_6035230419882520738_n 10511159_10152831985890070_2946126613505035496_n 1549573_10152831986985070_8842379452086131105_n 1380342_10152831986380070_1830137120591770238_nKrupp College, again, with their creativity in every aspect of entertaining college students.

Chips and Games Cheer-Up

10374532_10152816061780070_8446211089030513443_n 1911892_10152816061500070_1356683155304652461_n 10257810_10152816063035070_5034278326430875861_n 10422078_10152816062875070_8534791868965165091_n We here at Jacobs love boardgames. Board games are life, sustenance. Krupp College does another great job at figuring out the secret obsessions of college students.

Blast from the Past Cheer-Up

1016817_748063608564496_5251547909716629011_n 1908461_748063568564500_919361910058422931_n 1796552_748067155230808_2383671187349115203_n 10616219_748066731897517_7518463105592043962_n90’s kids enjoy a 90’s themed cheer-up, featuring Spice Girls, Britney Spears, NSYNC and Back Street Boys. Mercator College knows how to bring it back.

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