By Matilda Donaldson (Scotland); Class of 2015 – Integrated Environmental Studies

Bremen Marktplatz
Bremen Marktplatz

Before coming to Jacobs University I knew next to nothing about Bremen. Soon after arriving here I wondered why I’d heard so little about it. Not only does Bremen offer many great cultural opportunities, it also provides a singular insight into German history through its wonderful museums and its beautifully restored old quarter, the ‘Schnoor’, with its enchanting cobbled streets, dating back to the medieval period.

The rest of Bremen also boasts some very old buildings including its magnificent town hall, which was built in the early 1400s and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

NL Article Pic 2.jpgIt somehow befits Bremen’s architecture with its air of magic, opulence and gothic mystery, that the Brothers Grimm wrote a fairy tale called the Town Musicians of Bremen, whose statue has become symbolic of the town, and a good luck charm for tourists.

More contemporary attractions include Böttcherstraße, which was built during the 20s and the Church of Our Lady, which dates back to the 11th century but has very unusual stained glass windows from the 60s and 70s, designed by the French artist Alfred Manessier.

Aside from historical sights Bremen has a wealth of other places for students to go to including cinemas, restaurants, museums and shops, as our freshmen are about to discover.

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