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Christmas Time in Germany

Finally, exams are over and we can all relax and enjoy our winter break. Winter break brings about one of the most celebrated holiday in Germany – Christmas. There are many things to experience during this season, not only in Bremen, but also in the surrounding cities.

Christmas markets can be found in most cities in Germany. From poffertjes to Spießbraten, one can find food and drinks of all types, as well as Christmas gifts for family and friends. The lights give the market a feeling of enchantment and the artistry that can be found at stands is astounding. Every Christmas market has some special aspect.

Advent calendars are also a special tradition that is found in Germany. They begin on the first of December and for every day that passes until December 24th, there is a tab, usually containing a hidden piece of chocolate. Some choose to buy an own advent calendar or make a homemade one for a friend or family member.

Although many students choose to go home over the winter break, some others choose to stay on campus. Jacobs organizes a wonderful Christmas dinner, which takes place in the Campus Center. If you have a host family, some students have also spent the night enjoying a home cooked meal with their local German family.

One thing to keep in mind is that from Christmas Eve to the second day of Christmas (December 24th-26th), public transportation is reduced and nearly all stores all closed. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead!

The Jacobs Admissions Team wishes you all happy holidays and a wonderful start to your new year!


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