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CHE Ranking: Top Scores for Jacobs

By Imelda Kokuhumbya Rweyemamu (Tanzania); Class of 2013 Electrical and Computer Engineering

Still questioning whether Jacobs is a credible university? Well worry no more. Jacobs has managed to get top scores from a renowned ranking body in Germany, CHE (Centre for Higher Education). Though young it may be, Jacobs gained top scores for four of its programs: Psychology, History, Electrical Engineering and Biotechnology.

CHE is an independent body of experts who seek to improve the quality of higher education in Germany and the whole of Europe. Established in 1998, the CHE Rankings offer a comprehensive analysis of universities in terms of the quality of education provided. The CHE rankings are published annually after a robust evaluation. Questionnaires are circulated to students, faculty and alumni of the universities to collect information about classroom experience, facilities like library or laboratory equipment, professor-student interaction etc. The number of academic papers published per program is also counted and inventions credited to a particular university are taken into account.

The Psychology program at Jacobs got credited especially for its facilities and early involvement of students in research. The Electrical Engineering program was credited for the number of academic papers published and the History program for the study experience which is largely to do with the enriched classroom discussions due to the internationality on campus. Biotechnology was ranked highest in the Bachelor degree in standard period of study category.

CHE rankings are highly recognized and respected across Europe so it is a great achievement for an institution like Jacobs to be included amongst the top universities. The challenge now is to maintain or go beyond this standard and having studied here for 3 years now, I am positive that we will outdo ourselves in the near future!

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