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C3: Unleash Your Dragon Spirit




If one were to compare the housing at Jacobs to that of Hogwarts, College 3 aka C3 would be House Slytherin.  To some extent C3 is a bit like Slytherin – our college colour is green and we are a competitive bunch when it comes to sports or simply competing with other colleges. On the contrary, no one speaks Parseltongue *sigh* and neither do we have a secret chamber, harbouring snakes andwhat not, at least not to my knowledge. But like any of the other colleges, C3 does have a community spirit and one can feel at home in our college.

So a bit of facts and figures about C3: well C3 was founded in 2003. It is located right next to the soccer fields, sports halls and tennis courts which makes it very convenient for sports enthusiasts. It hosts numerous events including but not limited to the C3 Quiz Night, Fashion Show, Eid celebrations and International Movie Nights.  College 3 has two kinds of student accommodation: single rooms and double rooms. Freshmen share a double apartment with someone of the same sex but different nationality. Single apartments are available for 2nd and 3rd year students. All apartments have a bathroom, which is shared with a roommate in double apartments. In total, C3 has 2 triple apartments, 107 double apartments, 26 single apartments and 1 guest room.

The C3 mascot is a dragon and just as strong and fierce yet loyal and brave C3ers are always at the heart of the action. The enthusiasm is pretty much infectious and there is always something going on to prove it. C3ers are proud to be a part of an extraordinary, international family and know just how important it is to respect and support one another. C3 is more than just a home away from home!

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