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Beauty in Bremen: Short Guide

So you have come to Germany and to Bremen. But now, the question of where  you get some things that were so accessible at home, that now aren’t  can  seem like a mystery. I know for me during my first year, my main questions revolved around beauty… like “where can I get my hair done” ? and where can I get makeup that suits me?  But with a bit of looking I realized such places do exist in Bremen.And nearby Hamburg as well if you need an excuse for a good day trip 🙂

Bremen Downtown
Bremen Downtown

If keeping up your hairstyle is important to you but you don’t have any idea where to start , here are suggestions for salons that work with a variety of hair types.

Hair Places (addresses below)

  • Kumba afro hair braiding

A really nice young woman runs this salon and she and the salon staff put their best into making you look great. But it’s good to call ahead especially if you are going over the weekend, as it gets really busy.

  • Miss Chic the Salon

Another really nice salon that has nice ambiance and a great team. Scheduling ahead of time is a plus and it is really easy to contact them online via email or over the phone , if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.

  • Torsten Dembny

This was recommended to me by a friend. This salon has a large staff so it might be good to ask about who specializes in the style you’re going for ( for example a short cut ). Plus it is super conveniently located in Vegesack by the bus stops.

  • Mario Andolfi

A salon located downtown. It has a nice atmosphere and is efficient timewise. Was recommended to me because they cut all types of hair really well and are a good place to go for a trim.


Torsten Dembny


Vegesacker Bahnhofsplatz 2

28757 Bremen

Telefon: 0421.663911



Mario Andolfi

Address: Langemarckstraße 196, 28199 Bremen, Germany

Phone:+49 421 5228954

Miss Chic The Salon

Wartburgstrasse 28

D-28217, Bremen, Germany

Phone: +(49) 0421-69 52 401

Mobil: +(49) 0176 374 46 301

Opening times

Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 18:30

Sat: by appointment

MAC shades
MAC shades

Skincare, Hair care and Makeup

Buying makeup can also sometimes be a struggle! But most likely you will find your favourite brands and shades and products at the following stores. And of course Rossmann’s pharmacy has a good selection of products with well known brands, and it’s very convenient ( Haven Hoovt). ( Addresses below)

  • MAC Cosmetics

There is a small MAC display in the Douglass downtown but there is a larger store in Hamburg.

  • Douglas

This perfume/ skin care store has a wide variety of product offerings, and has good options for if you have a specific skin or hair brand you are looking for. They also offer affordable basics like : nail color and shampoo.


Mac Cosmetics

Mönckebergstraße 10 · +49 40 30393220

Opens at 10:00 am

Parfümerie Douglas

Waterfront Bremen

AG-Weser-Straße 3 · +49 421 6437795

Opens at 10:00 am

Parfümerie Douglas

Sögestraße 31 · +49 421 323237

Opens at 9:30 am

Best of luck!

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