This past weekend was Art On! 2016, an exciting annual competition between the four colleges (Mercator, Krupp, College 3 and Nordmetall) that takes place on campus. It features dance battles, lip sync plays, film-making, canvas painting, story-writing and battle of the bands. This is my third year of Art On!, and as usual – it comes with a lot of friendly rivalry, endless chanting, and tremendous college spirit. It’s always a dramatic time on campus.

The weekend started off with the Opening Ceremony featuring games and activities for each college; games involving dancing, book quotes, movie scenes and even taboo.


After the Opening Ceremony came the long-awaited battle of the bands. Each band was given a time frame of around 7 minutes to mashup a couple of songs. Nordmetall included songs like Counting Stars by One Republic and Wake me up Inside by Evanescence. Mercator sang R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys, Hello by Adele and Feeling Good by Muse. Krupp featured songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. C3 gave a great and winning performance with Lady Marmalade, Crazy in Love and Hello by Adele. Each college’s performance was exceptional and it was obvious that they had all put in a lot of effort into perfecting their performances.

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On Saturday, the day started off with waffles and the Dance Battle. The Dance Battle includes several genres including contemporary, hip hop and oriental dance. Dancers are not given the songs ahead of time, and are left up to freestyle when it’s their turn to step up to the dance floor. There is a ton of hype in H3 when the dance battle continues, and incredible dancers from Jacobs get to showcase their skills. Mercator took home the trophy for the Dance Battle after a final showdown with C3.

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In continuation with the day, we had the Fashion Show, Canvas Painting and the Story writing Competition. The Fashion Show had crazy looks made of paper, pasta, beans and tape. They really went all out and brought out some insane looks for the fashion show. Mercator, once again, brought home the title for the Fashion Show, as well as the Canvas Painting.

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Saturday night of Art On! always ends with the movie and lip sync competitions. The movie had some guidelines for the colleges, including the need to feature a foreign language, the phrase ‘I am your father,’ a watermelon and a scene from off campus. Each college came up with creative plotlines and characters – and Nordmetall took home the gold duck for their silent, black and white movie. Finally, after the movie, the long anticipated Lip Sync performances came about. These performances are entirely created by students, completely lip-synced, and features dancing and great acting. Each performance was impressive and really shows the dedication of students even outside their crazy busy academic lives.

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At the end of the day, only one college can win Art On! 2016, and that college was the reigning champions: Mercator College! Huge congratulations to all participants and all organizers for another tremendous and successful weekend filled with limitless creativity, endless fun and a generous portion of dedication.


To see all the photos and videos of the event, check out the Art On Facebook page:

All photos courtesy of the Art On Facebook page.

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