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An Answer to the Question, ‘What Defines a Jacobs Student?’

By Hanissa Zianida (Indonesia); Class of 2015 – Information Management and Systems

ImageA friend of mine and fellow Jacobs student, recently asked me to define a Jacobs student so as to explain what makes a Jacobs student different from any other. I did not have an immediate answer but after pondering on it, it made me reflect on how and why I came to Jacobs.

I always wanted to study abroad after my student exchange year in the U.S. I researched several universities in Europe and the US that offered places for international students. My friend told me about Jacobs University and I was attracted by the prospects of studying in a multi-national community centred in the middle of Europe that would give me access to travel around and learn more about different cultures in a way that would not have been possible had I stayed in Indonesia. So I took my SATs and TOEFL, and applied to several universities with the hopes of getting a good offer: scholarship, academic excellence and future career prospects – the typical expectations that most high school students expect from a university. Luckily I got accepted to Jacobs with all my hopes being satisfied. A few months later I flew to Germany and arrived at Jacobs right in time for Orientation Week.

I’m majoring in Information Management and Systems, as I have always been interested in business and technology. A typical day for me, like most other Jacobs students, begins with a lecture at 8:15. The past semester I took courses in Marketing, Introduction to Empirical Research, Algorithms and Data Structures, Programming in Java, and German as part of my mandatories. As part of my transdisciplinary course, I chose to take a University Study Course, ‘Adapt! A Lifespan Perspective on Successful Aging’, which I found to be very interesting. As the bachelors program at Jacobs is a three year degree, the number of courses taken per semester tends to be slightly more as compared to an American university which means taking extra courses could be very time consuming. But I do like to escape from work occasionally and watch a movie from time to time or hang out with friends.

At Jacobs, we enjoy sharing our cultures through conversation, art and other mediums. We occasionally host different social events that celebrate different cultures and traditions represented by the Jacobs community. I love attending such gatherings and I found it very nice that I was able to share Eid celebrations with basically… the whole world.

So a short answer to the big question ‘what defines a Jacobs student?’ In general, Jacobs students embrace diversity (love the thought of it). Jacobs students are goal oriented and strive to make the best out of themselves and those around them. Jacobs students strive for academic excellence and transdiscplinarity which as you might know are the core values of the Jacobs education.

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