When I first arrived at Jacobs for Orientation Week, one of the first things I received was a 943389_186047188214935_27727766_nbooklet titled ‘Dive into Diversity’. The first thing that popped into my mind, upon reading the title, was of course the numerous nationalities and cultural backgrounds that our university represents. Having come from an international school myself, the idea of being in a multicultural community was not entirely new for me though the experience at Jacobs was on a much larger scale. What was unique about the Jacobs experience for me was the amount of opportunities for students to be involved in things that they are passionate about.


IMG_1084For example, Nikola (Biotech, class of 2015) who is so passionate about working in a laboratory has already begun to work on his guided research in one of the biotech labs since the beginning of this semester. His work basically entails meticulous experiments conducted for a project he has under the supervision of Dr. Mathias Klein, the Head of the Biotech Teaching Lab.  As part of the Jacobs curriculum, every biotech student has to perform his guided research in one of the life science labs in their third year. What is unique about Nikola’s experience is that he began his research work a semester earlier than usual and this was made possible simple because he was very eager to work on a project in a laboratory.

That is just one example among the many other examples of students that pursue their passions not just in the academics but through organising social events, acting, taking part
in sports and so much more. The words ‘dive into diversity’ mean much more than just internationality. For me these words mean opportunity to celebrate different talents and to achieve our own unique and ambitious dreams.

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